Arasmus "Arra" Falsson

  • Nickname: Arra

    Full Name: Arasmus Falsson

    Species: Red Fox

    Description: Tall and lanky, Arasmus stands over most every beast save his leader. He is sinewy but weaker than the average horde beast, and has a round belly. His fur bears the appearance of a fine rug that has been dragged through miles of mud and snow. His once bright red fur has darkened to a reddish brown and his white fur on his neck, chest and abdomen is matted and discoloured in patches. His paws are dark brown and speckled with black. He has bright blue eyes.

    A tattered, holed cloak hangs loose from his shoulders. It was once bright royal blue, but has since turned a dark bluish-grey. His shirt is loose and has fancy laced ruffles at the cuffs and an open neck, but it has suffered similar tears and stains.

    Over it he wears a black waistcoat, which is lined with floral patterns in silver thread, which is now coming loose and frayed. The waistcoat is missing a few buttons. He also wears what obviously were once red breeches down to his knees, but the rain has washed out the dye to a rather embarrassing shade of pink.

    He goes about with bare footpaws.

    Possessions: Arra's claws are covered in rings of all kinds – gold, silver, some set with precious stones. His left ear is pierced through many times with gold earrings. He also has a gold tail ring. His long tail fur has been braided in several places.

    Arra also carries two jewelled daggers and a longbow. He has a brown quiver strapped to his back with an assortment of arrows.

        - Seer abilities. Whilst Arra does not believe he has the power of foresight, many beasts in the horde are convinced he has magic. Arra can use this to improve morale by casting charms of luck, communing with deceased ancestors (who invariably are egging on their descendants to be victorious) and making predictions with runes. Most of this is for show, to convince the horde that they have a powerful force on their side.
        - Archery. Arra is best suited to the bow, though it is often considered inferior to be an archer than a swordsbeast. He is a decent shot and can be quite sneaky in getting close to a target.
        - Very attentive. Arra constantly keeps his eyes and ears open and is constantly alert. He hears gossip amongst the hordebeasts, knows what rumour is true or false and can act as a spy and a saboteur for his leader, both to keep the horde under control and to confound the enemy.
        - Learned. Arra used to be quite scholarly before his horde life and is quite knowledgeable about history and geography, particularly of Mossflower.

        - Drink. Arra is very fond of drinks of all kinds, and is easily plied with such a reward. Arra gets drunk quite easily and is prone to spill the details on everything from his life story to somebeast else's life story.
        - Arrogance. Arra considers himself better than the common hordebeasts and harbours resentment at being ordered about. However, he knows his services are what's keeping him alive and comfortable at the moment, so he has to silently fume if he's being ill-treated.
        - Desires. Arra is avaricious, hot blooded, gluttonous, envious… everything that makes a good fox. If he sees something he wants, he must have it, one way or the other. Arra is known to steal or otherwise take what he wants, provided he can get away with it.
        - Eccentricities. A formal, educated accent, tinted with a rhotacism that means he cannot quite pronounce his 'R's correctly. His tendency to wave his paws about in mid-air when explaining something. His odd habit of humming or whistling or even dancing about if he's bored. Arra has a few quirks in his behaviour that make other beasts mock, mimic and ridicule him.


    Born the oldest son of a wealthy lord in the far North, Arra grew up well read and educated, though constantly bullied by his younger brother, who was somehow the stronger and smarter of the two. Arra was known for his lecherous behaviour towards the servants and often getting into a lot of trouble with his father for stealing money, wine from the cellars and food from the kitchens and having a wild time at his family's expense.

    Arra's family was captured and enslaved when a large horde swept through their area. As the Falssons had become lazy and complacent in the seasons of peace, they were quickly subdued. However, Arra's familiarity with the craft of being a Seer, as well as his unusual condition of having blue eyes (a genetic disorder nobeast in this time would understand), gave him the opportunity to claim he had the Gift to be a seer.

    His claim was quite strong; his great-grandmother, Eloise Scerxes-Falsson, had been a famed seer in her time. Every once in a while he was rocked by visions of coming slaughters, the rivers running red with blood and chaos. Of course, there was no magic to this. Arra had simply overheard that another horde, led by a wolverine, was coming to crush his vermin captors.

    When the wolverine, Ulath, finally did conquer the horde and prove himself in battle, he heard of the fox that had predicted his victory. Meeting with Arra, Ulath asked him if he could 'predict' his father's death, as Ulath wished to be King.

    Arra obliged, and correctly predicted that a fox would poison the old wolverine's wine. He then dutifully fulfilled his own prophecy, pleasing the new King of all the Wolverines. In return, Arra was able to enjoy a better standard of living now he was no longer a prisoner.

    Ulath then turned his attention South, and Arra had no choice but to march with his new leader. As he had studied tactics in his history lessons when he had been a kit, Arra was able to give tactical advice to secure victories in skirmishes. He also helped the morale of the troops by having 'visions' of mountains filled with food. This vision also happened to come true, as Arra had geographical knowledge of Salamandastron and its inhabitants.

    Arra is very happy to be in Mossflower, a plentiful land that can almost sate his desires for more. He knows that though he is charismatic and beasts think him magic, he would not make a good horde leader. So he is quite loyal to Ulath, and sees him as a protector, both from woodlanders and vermin.

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