New Story Arc discussion

  • We could start off during the feast of Redwall and tie in wall what you guys put in.

    To make things less complicated we can have one thread the evil villians, another thread with the redwallers, and one more thread with the Rouge Crew aka not at redwall feast. After we all have our journeys, we combine to one thread and have an epic battle!

    Well that is how I think we should organize it. 😄

  • Sounds good.

    1. Goodbeast thread.
    2. Vermin thread.

    The journey of each, the trouble they encounter, etc.

    Then, when each thread is completed and they are ALL at the battle site.

    Open thread 3, the battle. Then everyone posts in that one and you lock the other two down. People should still be able to join in from any of these stages.

    Though, got to be careful with timing. If i play as willow, id most likely have her in the vermin thread somewhere at the taking of salamandastron, so she'd escape, and then move onto the goodbeast thread to warn the others and join that party? (to sum willow: vermin character thats a goodbeast, fully capable of spying on the vermin.)

  • I was planing to have the rogue crew at Redwall for the feast.

  • H'lo. I was wondering if I may join in? I already have a character, but I believe he is unusable due to being in multiple threads, although I do have an idea for another. Cheers!

  • That depends Darius on if the threads your character are in are dead or not. anything before 2011 is now in archive and can not be posted in.
    Seeing as you just got back, I'm assumeing that the threads you were in before are currently dead.

  • Alright. I'll have to check that out today. Either way I'm probably going to make a new character, honestly. I think I'll have three at most on here, so I'm not overextending myself. n.n;

  • Can we get this story moving again?

  • Is anybody important missing?

  • Not anymore now that Gerns back.

  • Gerns is back? Well I'll go ahead and post then

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