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  • So I think we should get this story arc going. We can discuss details here. And here is the outline of whats going to happen in the story arc.

    At Redwall there is to be a great big feast, beasts come from all around for the feast. Skipper and his otters from Mossflower, Guosim come and Hare's from Salamandastron, lots of them including the badger lord. And even some otters from Green Isle. So they're all at Redwall having a party! News of this feast gets to a certain horde leader (as usual  ::) ) He hears of all the beasts going to redwall so he decides not to besiedge it. Instead he takes Salamandastron, capture's it from the few hare's guarding it and has a fortress that as we all know is invincible. So then the hare's come back from feasting to find a mountain full of stinking varmits and seeing as it's invincible they can't just walk up and take it back. So then we have to assemble an elite force to go in and get the doors open to let us all in. And maybe they could take another place like, Castle Floret or Green Isle or something like that!

    There are a few positions open.

    Badger lord
    Rouge Crew Captain
    Horde Leader(s)
    Redwall Champion
    Hare General

    Thats all I can think of right now but if any of you guys think up any others just tell me. And you can just be a normal beast and help fight if you want. Or do whatever.

  • I have created a character for the story arc. My character will be an accomplice of the main villain, a second in command. She (Iris) will be a former Redwall orphan who has betrayed her former allies. She will need a little info from the main villain once they are created, but here is what I have written of her profile.

  • May I opt for the badger lord?

  • Sure, as long as he's a good badger 😛 I know you have a tendency to have evil guys. lol

  • innocent face Whaaaaat?

    Haha, of course he'll be good. I'm equally good with good characters as well as evil, lol.

  • Technically speaking, these are positions already called for, though can be negotiated.

    Abbey Champion - Bradley Steelwall  (Shadow Flame)

    Badger Lord -  Bronzestripe The Relentless  (King Vikenti)

    Bell ringer - Penblade

    Captain of the Redwall Guards AND Cellar Keeper - Felldoh  (Narvis)

    Horde leader -  Lord Ulath  (Dusk)

    King of Floret - King Rhory Windspire  (King Rhory Windspire [kai soya])

    Log-a-Log -  (Elizabeth)

    Skipper of Otters - Skipper Rorgus  (Rorgus)

    Caretaker - Arlen (Rorgus)
    (will be replaced once we get a proper Abbot)

  • I am interested in joining this!

    What would be most interesting for the rest of you? A third member of the horde (alongside Ulath and Iris) or a hare general (presumably alongside Bronzestripe, Rorgus, etc.)? It seems the vermin characters are outnumbered by the different goodbeast leaders, so perhaps another horde beast would be useful?

    I am happy to write either a hare or a vermin. Any thoughts?

  • Well, seeing as this is a new story arc, I wouldn't think we should be limited by standard positions. We can ask TJ, but that's just my thought. Along the same lines, if you have one of these positions, and would like to keep it for the story arc, please say so. I shall allow Kariska to play the badger lord during this arc.

  • At the moment it seems that I'll be writing a character in the Horde, as discussed with Dusk.  😉

  • I would like the position of the leader of the rogue crew.  My character is the son of the chieftain of the rogue crew. I will get him up as soon as he is done being edited.

  • Hum….But Shadow Flame since his character is Abbey Champion sorta has to play the Champion you know?
    As for positions filled currently, can I just say if the member wasn't active the past month, then lets replace them so we can get the story arc started.

    Everyone agree with that?

  • I think that's a good idea.

  • I'm saying that a character could temporarily take a position just for the arc… but you are free to keep your position as well. Someone should check with Shadowflame to make sure he is willing to use his character in the arc.

  • @Vikenti- I didn't know the position had been taken, I don't want to usurp yours, lol. I can use my three squirrel brothers, instead.

  • No, that's quite fine. I'd much rather just play Iris for this arc. You can make your own badger lord. I might even let you have the position. Bronzestripe's personality and background never really matched that of a badger lord's, he just kind of took the position because lack of another.

  • Global Moderator

    A quick question: does everyone have to be a part of this Story Arc? I don't feel like participating in this one, if that's OK. I'm very busy at the moment.

  • No, you dont have to take part 🙂
    I'm not  (at the moment, anyway)

  • Ooh boy, things just got technical. I hate it when things get technical. Oh well. If thats the way it must be Kiara.

  • I shall work on my Badger Lord's character till he is excellent…I shall need a name for him....hmmmm......I shall go with.....Lord Coltrane Axestrong!

  • Ulath walks in Coltrane Axestrong! You shall die when my hammer crushes your skull!

    I get to be the villian.

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