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  • Below is the list of plotlines submitted now its up to you to decide which one you want to have. 😄
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    After Redwalls defeat Razzid Wearat with the help of the Long Patrol and Rouge Crew Sea Otters. Everything is getting back to normal and slowly Mossflower and Redwall and healing themselves. But they don't know that Razzid had a son (Terrat) who is planning on taking revenge and finishing what his father set out to do. Capture Redwall Abby and rule Mossflower.
    –--little side line---

    He does capture Redwall Abby and sets to rule it and keeps  the Redwallers enslaved. While the escapee's hatch up a plan to get back Redwall Abby and free the captives.


    -  The three Stendervelt factions (Stoat/wildcat nobles, rat knights, ferret/weasel clans) all need the Key of Valkinrein more than ever as food grows its scarcest this winter. Some think the Key will let them rule the fortress; others want it to leave the fortress.
    -  The woodlanders have somehow gotten into the fortress. Some woodlanders want to explore the fortress for its mystery and mythical status; others wish to seek the supposedly vast treasures of the building.
    -  The Stendervelters view Outsiders (woodlanders) almost like demi-gods. Woodlanders are seen as beings of inscrutable motivation and terrifying power. The Stendervelters do not want to give the woodlanders a chance to steal the Key as treasure.
    -  The woodlanders either think that the Stendervelters are a myth themselves, or they are frightening monsters that lurk in the deep reaches of the fortress.


    While exploring in the woods some dibbuns find an artifact or map or something that talks about an island city full of all sorts of wonders and treasures (Kinda like a Redwall version of Atlantis, but without the sinking, initially). Several beasts get the idea that they want to go out on the ocean and find the city, so they gather a crew, charter a ship, and head out for the watery sunset. They find the island after getting blown off course and gleefully leave the ship to explore the ancient city. They get split up and each individually finds these huge cracks all over the massive city, like the land itself was shattering. Only when they reach the other side of the island do they realize the city was built on a volcanic island. The entire royal palace at the center of the island is actually sunk into the ground and glowing red hot, slightly deformed like it’s made of clay as it slowly melts.

    Just when they find out the island is madly unstable, a gang of pirates that followed the woodlander’s ship to the island try to bust through a collapsed passage deep in the catacombs of the island using newly invented explosives (very crude, nothing fancy). The explosion, as Murphy’s Law dictates, goes off right near the magma chamber, starting an eruption that begins to sink and tear apart the island.

    Skipper of Otters:

    At Redwall there is to be a great big feast, beasts come from all around for the feast. Skipper and his otters from Mossflower, Guosim come and Hare's from Salamandastron, lots of them including the badger lord. And even some otters from Green Isle. So they're all at Redwall having a party! News of this feast gets to a certain horde leader (as usual  ::) ) He hears of all the beasts going to redwall so he decides not to besiedge it. Instead he takes Salamandastron, capture's it from the few hare's guarding it and has a fortress that as we all know is invincible. So then the hare's come back from feasting to find a mountain full of stinking varmits and seeing as it's invincible they can't just walk up and take it back. So then we have to assemble an elite force to go in and get the doors open to let us all in. And maybe they could take another place like, Castle Floret or Green Isle or something like that!
      My main character woulld be Freystar.

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