Humanized Vladimir

  • Nickname: Vlad

    Full Name: Vladimir Whitedeath

    Species: Human

    Element (Power): The Void

    Age: 37

    Description: Vladimir is of average height, just around 6’5”. Like his brother, his body is wiry and muscular. Vlad’s skin is just as pale as Vik’s, maybe even a little more so. Being twins, they can easily be mistaken for each other by sight alone. But anyone who looked in Vladimir’s mind would know otherwise. His hair is kept short in a part to one side, and is pure white. His eyes are a deep shade of red, and very strange to look into. They are often the only way of discovering his emotions. Vladimir is always clean shaven. Vladimir almost always wears a black leather outfit, studded with steel for some protection.

    Possessions: Vladimir carries a strange weapon named “Anima Finem.” It is a single handed sword with a long black blade. The metal it is made of is said to be enchanted, but with what nobody knows.

    Strengths: Vladimir is a deadly swordsman, but his true power lies in a different world. The powers granted to him by the Void make him an insanely dangerous opponent.

    Weaknesses: Vladimir is quite overconfident; believing the power of the Void is a failsafe. Vladimir is not very skilled with ranged weapons, being a bit nearsighted.

    The Void: Vladimir first started studying this other world, the Void, many years ago. It a realm built on nothingness, which led him to believe it had the key to removing emotion; something he thought would be very useful. After many spells and pacts with dark beings, Vladimir has achieved a connection to the Void, something that no other person has been able to do. It its latent state, the connection resides in his mind, making it nearly unreadable by psychic abilities or other mind affecting spells. When he opens his connection, the black hole like Void makes in dangerous even to delve into his mind. When Vladimir first opens the connection, nothing new is visibility apparent. But, he can use the negative energy to make spell-like attacks that often drain an opponent’s energy. When further opened, the Void appears as a grayish haze around Vladimir that continually drains magic and magicians nearby. This gives him a tremendous advantage against spell casters.

    Brother – King Vikenti

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