Freystar Stormrudder

  • (OOC: This is the character I will be using in the story arc) Enjoy!

    Nicknames: Frey, Fray or Star
    Name: Freystar Stormrudder
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: North American River Otter
    Occupation:  Warrior

    Physical Appearance:
    Freystar is a plain otter, he came from a line of otters who live in the extreme cold. So their fur adjusted to the weather, so that’s where he got his long thick fluffy fur from. When traveling in warmer climates however he finds it rather inconvenient, but with enough attention he got it to stay flat. Of course he had to comb it a lot, and being an otter he tends to swim a lot. Since of course it's their natural habitat, so that too helped tame his fur too. And now it is sleek and shiny as he had wanted it. The color of his so cared for fur hovers on the verge of otter brown. The fur on his chest however is sort of a creamy white, all the way up under his chin. The tips of his ears are the same white, and his front paws up to his wrists are also white, but they're a whiter white than his chest. There is one more, white spot, it's on his forehead and it's in the shape of a star. This star is a snow white color, his mother said it was a birthmark. This star stands straight out; it's the first thing any beast he encounters notices first. His birthmark is part of the reason he got his name.

    His build is that of a blacksmiths or a warrior’s. He got that from his father, who is a very large bulky otter, Star's big shoulders stand about the same height as other otters, but they are a lot wider. His paws are large and quick. He grew up working in the village’s blacksmith so that helped put some muscle on him. He enjoys working almost as much as he enjoys fighting, and though he is bulky he is not "large." He is still an average height and not as big as some in his village. Amongst vermin though, he is quite intimidating. His Father always wanted him to become a warrior, but his mother wanted him to be a scholar. In the end however it was his restlessness and hate of vermin that won, so he became a warrior.

    Star has small ears, as do all otters for that matter. They are triangle shaped and stand straight up, they have creamy white tips. When he swims under the water his ears close so no water can get in them. His eyes are of the deepest sky blue, and they sparkle like the sun on a pond.
    Besides his birthmark he has two tattoos, one is on his right shoulder and it depicts a shooting star (aka a comet). The other is on the back of his left paw, this one is very unique, used only by a few beasts. It shows a broad sword sticking into the ground crossed by a spear and an arrow. This is the sign of a warrior. It is used by the warriors of his tribe.

    Frey wears a plain homespun tunic with a black leather belt; the buckle is inscribed with the same symbol that is on the back of his left paw.

    Fray carries only a few items. He has his weapons, a longbow which is short but a few inches of his own height. And a very large broadsword, he can swing it as easily as he swings a hammer at the forge. His foes flee before him, or they fall. He made his broadsword with the help of his father when he was working at the blacksmith.  He also has a satchel witch carries his other few belongings; he did learn a thing or two from his mother. One of them was poetry, he always had a love for poetry, he loves to write it and read it. So he often carries parchment and quill and ink with him, and can be found at times scribbling away on it while he sits alone.
    About his neck he wears a blue bead, on a black silk string, it was a parting gift from one of his friends back home.

    Freystar has an interesting personality. He’s a lonely otter for the most part, he is not the friendliest of otters. Sure he has friends but he doesn’t often make many new one’s, he likes to be alone, so it is his own choice. He’s an excellent fighter and learns well. His father taught him all he knows of fighting and the ways of a warrior, for his father is the head of their tribe and leads the battles against vermin that venture near their homeland. He was a rather distracted student when his mother tried to learn him in the ways of reading and spelling, he did however learn enough to get by, and also to write poetry. But he most often could be found sitting on the bank of a river or training with his bow or sword.
    He is a fast and efficient worker; he follows orders and is a serious no-nonsense sort of otter most of the time.  He thinks that ones problems are their own and they should solve them on their own. Which is fine for him, because he can solve his own problems just fine. But other beasts are not always as capable as he. There is also one other reason he makes not many friends, the reason being that he is of the decent of a line that has been well known to produce warriors to be unfortunate enough to have the fabled and feared bloodwrath.
    He has only once been affected by the before mentioned bloodwrath, and that was when he first joined his father on the battle-field  taken against a vermin force of considerable size which was thus vanquished by a formerly inspired otter consumed by the hitherto mentioned bloodwrath.
    His friends were not much surprised by finding out such a fact. Neither were they swayed by it, but they were astounded by the way he fought; his eyes were red and burning with hate for the foes that lay before them. He didn’t even hear his father shouting at him, he just went charging off into the enemy his sword swinging. It nearly got him killed of course, but that’s what always happens. His father who also had the bloodwrath had learned to control it after many years. They did of course help him. They went in after him and after a while killed all the vermin with out great losses, Frey was wounded in many places and the after affects of the bloodwrath were still wearing off so he didn’t even notice them. But once he became in full control of his body again he did black out. After that his lessons began. He never did go with them to fight the vermin again, not for a long time anyway.


    Rough (Isn’t very gentle, at least he hasn’t been known to be. Not very gentle paws.) ((Don’t let him do surgery on you 😉 ))

      Freystar grew up in a tribe on the northern shores up on the cliffs. The winters there are brutal, but the summers are perfect. A warm light breeze blowing over the cliff tops, the sun shining into the sea, and there is a forest edge nearby that is alive with birds singing and flying through the bright green treetops. In the winter they live in caves along the cliff where there’s a big ledge a short ways down from the top. But in the summer they live and sleep out under the stars, some of the older beasts like to sleep in the caves still though.
    When it comes to vermin, they have a virtual fortress. With only one way for the vermin to approach it’s a win win situation for the otter tribe. Sometimes they will park their ships at the base of the cliff and try to climb up, but them they tend to fall some with very large arrows in them and others with stones.
    Freystar lived with his mother and father, his Father is tribe leader. And he has a sister and two brothers, one older and one younger and his sister is older. He used to go to the blacksmith when he was little and sit in some out of the way corner and watch the great smithy pounding away with his great hammer. And before long he was helping him, either by pumping the bellows to rev the fire, or by holding the metal as the smithy pounded on it. Soon he was pounding away himself, crafting weapons and pots alike. He and the smithy, whose name is Derrim, were fast friends, seeing as the little otter spent most of his time there. The rest of it was spent sword fighting with his father or brother. His younger brother did not use a sword very well. Or swimming in the ocean, fishing or boating.

    When he was old enough his father allowed him to fight vermin for the first time. There was a ship with black sails that was sailing towards the base of the cliff off to the left where they could land. The otters were preparing for an attack, and Fray was going to fight alongside his father! When the time came he stood at the front row next to Derrim with a broadsword, not the one he made himself but a might smaller. The vermin were massing down at the bottom of the cliff, and the otters were at the top unseen to the vermin yet. It wasn’t long before the vermin started moving up the hillside towards the fires at the top, expecting easy plunder and lots of food. About halfway up the otters decided to charge. There was a mass of running otters charging down the hill towards the vermin. They stayed in an orderly line the whole way down; soon they broke into a slower pace as the vermin saw them. And when they got close enough, Freystar started feeling… different he felt himself lose control at seeing the many vermin faces. Without any thought for safety he charged off into the midst of the vermin, his sword swinging and chopping. He killed many vermin before the fight was through; his father quickly led the rest of the otters into the fight before Frey was killed. He was greatly wounded, and he only noticed after the fight was over he could be found sitting on the ground breathing heavily, covered in blood with his sword beside him. Soon after he blacked out from blood loss, he was cared for and recovered soon enough. And was allowed into battle again for a long while, at least not until he was taught how to control his bloodwrath. They said it would get him killed if he just charged again like that.

    After a while he got restless, he decided the leave the village and wander. There hadn’t been any more attacks so he wasn’t needed there. He left his tribe and family and struck out south, towards Mossflower. He had never been there before and was wanting to see it, he also heard of a band of warriors that had a base at Brockhall, he wanted to join them and become part their “elite force”. When he reached Mossflower, he asked for directions to Brockhall and soon found the place. Most beats thought that it was abandoned and no one lived there, which was the whole idea. The only way he knew about them was because he heard his father talking with one of them in his tent one night, they had sent a messenger to his tribe for assistance, but his father was hard put enough to defend his own tribe.
    When he reached Brockhall he tried knocking, but of course that wouldn’t work. So he tried to open it, but it was locked. He had heard there was a back entrance, so he started looking around. After looking for about an hour he found something, when he was thumping around. He was just going to investigate when he stopped suddenly, there was a knife at his throat. He decided it might be a good idea not to move. Then the knife bearer started talking, he said this.
    “Who are you and what do you want?” So Frey replied as calmly as he could.
    “I am Freystar from the tribe of otters on the Northern cliffs. I am here to join a band of warriors against vermin in Mossflower. MossGuard I believe it’s called” The blade was released and he turned around to face a middle aged mouse, large and strong, every inch a warrior.
    “I see.” The mouse said. “Well that might be arranged, can you fight?”
    “I can, that’s why I’m here. I want to fight vermin.” Said Frey.
    The mouse nodded, he then put his paw down beside what Fray was looking at and pulled on a small ring that was hidden in a slit in the sod. It opened and there was the trapdoor that he was looking for. The mouse gestured for him to go down so he did and the mouse followed after closing the trapdoor, the square of sod was cleverly attached to the top of the door so it hid it.
    They went through the tunnels till they reached the main room.
    There were maps of Mossflower on the table and scraps of old parchment, and along the walls were weapons, newly polished and ready for battle.
    They both sat down at the table and started talking, after a while the mouse said.
    “You’re in. We’ve been needing a few more beasts. I know your father, I was hoping to get a few of his warriors to join us. But he has enough on his paws.”
    And that was that. Now when he gets a mission he goes out with a few other beasts to do what ever needed doing.

    Father: Rellag Stormrudder.
    Mother: Fayla Stormrudder.
    Sister: Selene Stormrudder.
    Brother: Flaegon Stormrudder.
    Brother: Dargon Stormrudder.

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