Humanized Kariska

  • Name: Kariska
    Title: Emperor, Lord of Darkness

    Description: Flaming red hair, electric blue eyes, 6"2', well built, long serrated fingernails that have been doused in molten steel to strengthen them into claws of a sort. Long, filed teeth. All in all, a very barbarian appearance.

    Background: Empty until a certain point in the Whitedeath Crowns. Very little is known about his past.

    Strengths: Kariska's psychic abilities give him leverage in a fight. He is an extraordinary swordsman, but has almost no skills in any other form of combat. Has good endurance. Can run very fast.

    Weaknesses: He isn't very strong. He relies on quick attacks with his sword. Sometimes the minds he is monitoring get confused, and he loses his thought process, losing his psychic advantage over his opponent. Very short temper.

    Personality- Kariska is proud, arrogant and evil. He is infatuated with Kiara but goes at great lengths to harm any member of the Whitedeath family. He uses anything to his advantage. He occasionally will actually work with his enemies to accomplish his own goals. He's mysterious as well as on the way to being clinically insane.

    True Form: This is characteristic pertaining only to a special race of people, of which Kariska is a part. Kariska's true form is flaming hair, eyes that spark electricity, an aura of power, pointed teeth and fangs and elongated nails. This is the form that those who are not of his race can bear. The real true form is so powerful, it burns out the five senses of the other races.

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