The Bell Tolls (Quest Posts)

I'm in, Pen. I'll just be the blacksmith who tags along as another random member of the party, helping to identify foreign and unfamiliar metals and jewelry. I can fight to, but I'll mostly be a servant and expert in metal in all its forms and uses. Can be sacrificed and/or expelled from the party if necessary.

Unless you want me to do something other than such? Am I needed for a greater purpose of some sort?

I've been considering some ideas and I think not just finding materials in, but also forging the crowns in the dwarven mine would be a neat idea; using all the equipment the dwarves left behind like anvils, bellows, furnaces, and such, so your "higher purpose" in the group would probably be preparing and learning to use the dwarven equipment. Feedback please?

OK, that will be perfect. As long as I do not, I repeat, do not get disturbed nor distracted. Working with foreign metals, you can't expect anything to come easy, you know! I'll give forging the crowns all I've got; I will not fail my Majesties!

But if I am needed for a purpose other than forging the crowns, then I will willingly participate. Such as if another hostile enemy dwells in the mine and they eventually end up taking somebeast prisoner, than I'll gladly give myself up for the safety of the team and the King and Queen. Deal?

Deal. Shakes paw, or hand, whichever I think you will be a valuable addition to this quest.

Thats good cause they will come when they know we are there

NO! Don't hurt the dwarves, they are my kin!

I'm joining once humanized Dusk is done.

Well anyone else who wants to join should send me a PM, as requested. (To avoid cluttering my precious announcement board with trivial posts)

Assuming there are any robots.

I think there will be

All right, I'll concede if that's what everyone wants.

Excepting, of course, that they are not robots in the traditional sense. The term is, actually, 'golem'.

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