Humanized Reverrek

  • Name: Reverrek, or Rev, whichever you like

    Full Title: Reverrek Grayson

    Age: 19

    Description: Somewhat tall, with a well-built body type. He has short, black hair and a somewhat pale complexion. He wears essentially the same thing that the badger-Rev wears, but with the inclusion of boots, the Royal insignia painted on his vest and a short-sleeved chain-mail shirt underneath his tunic; The chain-mail shirt has a hood, which Rev usually keeps down.

    Possessions: Pretty much the same as badger-Rev; his longsword, a bag, clothes, and varying supplies.


    • Very skilled with his longsword, and isn't afraid to use it for more than intimidation.
    • Just as adept at using his fists as he is his sword.
    • Reverrek would go as far as to completely ignore personal safety to protect those he cares about.
    • He is in no definition of the word a coward.


    • As result of an injury from earlier in his travels, a blow to the stomach would be devastating in battle, however it is kept safe most of the time by the protective vest he wears.
    • Reverrek's ignorance for personal safety in dire situations.
    • Strawberry Fizz. :3

    He carries over the same personality as badger-Rev, but with a different history. Reverrek was born into a middle-class family living in whatever the hell we're calling Vik and Kiara's kingdom, where he led a relatively normal life with his mother and father. At some point during his teenage years, he left home to seek a job elsewhere, leaving more for the adventure of it than actually looking for a job. Sometime later, he returned home and continued helping out in his father's shop. He found that he had become something of an idol to the teenage girls in the kingdom, which he put up with on account of it bringing in a lot of business. However, Jared Sandeye became the focus of the girls when he was appointed Royal Blacksmith. This quite accidentally diverted most of the shop's business, and created something of a grudge between the two. Recently, Reverrek was recruited for the quest for the materials needed to make the crowns for the King and Queen's wedding because of his knowledge of the land surrounding the Kingdom.

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