Fenrath the Thief

  • Name: Fenrath

    Nickname: Fen

    Species: Otter

    Description: Fenrath is 5 feet 6 inches. He is strangely dark for an otter. He wears a black hooded cloak made from fox leather. He's glued vermin fur, mostly fox, to his tail to protect it during winter. His eyes are strange, one is red, and the other is blue. He has a long scar running down one side of his face. Fen is mostly solemn, and avoids open combat.

    Possessions: Fen has 2 small black sabers. He also has a master lock pick set. He also has a flat bottomed skiff with a crew of 10 other otters. He caries with him a black, finely crafted, bow and at least 50 black arrows.

    Strengths: He is very acrobatic and is an excellent thief. Fen is very stealthy and quiet. He is also a great assassin.

    Weaknesses: He has a fear of large spaces with little shade. He has a strange fear of certain royalty. Absolutely hates large 2 handed weapons. Cannot fight fairly.

    Background: Fenrath was born in a small farm in the eastern lands. shortly after his birth his family was attacked by the current emperor. his parents were killed and Fenrath was left to fend for himself. He was soon found by a mouse thief looting the house. He decided to raise Fen as his son. Fen was taught the art of thieving by his adopted father. When he was tired of living in the country he left for the capital city but, he was soon caught by another thief. In the east thieves are very territorial. Fen was attacked by the thief, but he was able to fight him off. In exchange Fen got a very nasty scar on 1 side of his face. He also to get the strangely familiar swords that the other thief had. The swords are the same ones he has today. Fen decided to clear the city of all thieves that would interupt his work. so he worked on routing them out for the next 3 seasons. Those that did not leave or die joined Fen in a thieves guild for the eastern lands. For a long time he lived and thieved in the capital of the east. Eventually he decided to get his guildmates and sailed across the ocean to the west. A terrible storm broke their ship and left them separated in Mossflower.

  • Not bad, I like it. It's pretty good for a first character profile.

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