Shoutbox Dawn

  • Name- Dawn Jarek

    Full title- Dawn the crazed, Stranger

    Sex- Male

    Age- Midteens

    Magic- Metal, he can change them to take on new shapes.

    Description- He is small and quick. He has hair that is died like a rising sun. He has a picture of a sunrise on his chest. He has steel plates fused to his hands. All of his clothes are made of steel and iron.

    Possesions- He has a sack filled with metals. He carries a pure metal sword that he changes to fit any situation.

    Strengths- He can twist metal, making it plunge into his foes, or crushing them. He is quick and light on his feet. He is silent, making him a good thief.

    Weaknesses- If he uses his power too much, he will feel intense pain, starting from the heart, going to the arms, and ending at the head.

    Background- He was born into a family of blacksmiths. One day, while his father was showing him how to work the forge, their town was attacked by bandits. no one saw what happened next, Dawn was huddled in a corner when one of the bandits came at him with a sword raised. Dawn held up his hands to protect himself and the sword folded in on itself. The bandit ran, screaming. Later, Dawn was found by an old traveller, he took Dawn as his own and trained him in the ways of magic. He went travelling when his training was complete. He soon found himself at the kingdom of (insert name). He allied himself with queen Kiara and now guards the treasure room of the castle.

  • Looking pretty good so far. 🙂 This also reminds me that I ought to get going with a profile for a human Rev; It seems nearly everyone that's joined the Crown Quest thing so far has one but me. XD

  • Global Moderator

    What are you talking about, Rev? I don't even have mine up yet.

  • I said it seems that way, I never meant that I was the only one. I probably ought to change the wording on that to make it more clear.

    EDIT: There we go, that's better.

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