Humanized Dusk

  • Name: Dusk umbra

    Element/magic: Power/energy absorption

    Description: He has jet black hair, light skin, blue green (or sea green) eyes, black nobleman's suit , a hat (type will vary) and a black wood cane. He is 6 feet tall, with prominent canines, and fingers slightly longer than normal (but only noticeable upon close inspection).

    Possessions: A silver pocket watch, his money purse, a bag of taffies and hard candies, his journal, a black handled straight edged dagger, and a silver-worked smoking pipe.
    Strengths: He is well educated, he has money, he’s an artificer, he’s very good with his form of magic, as well as runes, and he is tough like an old tree root. He can also hold his own in a fight, and he is good at plotting and planning.

    Weaknesses: He’s not good with a sword, and take away his dagger and magic and is useless in a fight. He not very comfortable speaking in front of large crowds, he’s terrible at swimming, and he is somewhat greedy.

    Background: Dusk is the head of a minor noble house, fairly close to the capitol city, but not very powerful. Its main source of profit is from its farmlands, particularly smoking tobacco. The house is taken care of mostly by his old steward and friend, Talmane. Dusk spends most of his time studying magic and creating devices with said magic. He also follows several other interests of his, but he isn’t as good at them, and he normally goes for weeks on ends without doing anything with them.
    He also doesn’t leave his estates very often, although he does have several large and very old journals of his, which supposedly give details of his life before he became head of his house. Whenever asked about his past, he’ll simply say that he spent them off his estate, and then change the subject. In fact, he'll usually stay silent during a conversation, saying very little.

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