Nero, the Automaton

  • Full Name: Nero, the magically powered, multipurpose automaton

    Nick-name: Nero

    Age: 1

    Sex: Non-applicable, but I’ll refer to Nero as a “him”

    Species: Automaton

    Alignment: Neutral neutral

    Size: Average

    Build: No skin or muscles, just metal bones and gems

    (Officially) Equipment
    (Unofficially) Knight

    Physical Description: Nero is made of a magic metal we’ll just call bio-steel. He resembles most a human skeleton, rather than a full human. His “bones” are silver with blue stripes in color. They have intricate swirling designs etched onto them, somewhat like a fingerprint covering Nero’s whole body. He also has gemstones of various cut and color embedded in his joints to allow him motion. He normally wears an enveloping blue cloak to hide the fact that he’s a machine, and has a sword and crossbow built into either of his forearms.

    Possessions: None

    Personality: Naive

    -Incapable of feeling pain
    -Retains knowledge like a computer
    -Stronger than an ox

    -Weak to magnetism
    -Not really alive
    -Shuts down if the control crystal is destroyed

    Background: The odd material that would eventually be used to create Nero was found in a disused storeroom in the dungeons below the palace, where a pallet of steel ingots had been used as a table to hold an enchanted diamond with a crack in it (allowing the magic energy to leak out) and the severed arm of a tree golem, still oozing out a few drops of mystically charged sap. The resulting steel had the properties of both a hyper-regenerative plant and an enchanted metal; becoming a sort of bio-steel. Pentus used old spells he discovered in a book titled The Atronach to turn the bio-steel ingots into bones, which he then arranged and fused to make a human skeleton. After adding a system of magic gems to all the joints, as well as a large gem inside the skull, Pentus animated the skeleton and effectively created a metal golem to assist him by using a control gem to mentally link with and control it.

    -~- Spoiler -~-

    (By the end of The Whitedeath Crowns, Nero will accidentally gain free will and no longer be controllable by Pentus)

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