This is an OOC thread where we can discuss how the quest to forge Vikenti's crown and Kiara's tiara will be run. First order of business, who shall lead the endevour? I for one vote that the prince should be in charge, being the son of the royals we're doing this for.

I too vote for Prince Narvis to lead us. And my role has already been discussed and set in stone in the previous thread. Need I say more?

Dusk will go along, as sort of a bribe/ first mission thing. Pluse, he likes treasure, and dwarves, but not elves.

Ok so I'll go as Prince I think, and most likely lead the group 😕

What's wrong Narvis? Why the unhappy face?

just nervous about leading…. I don't think I make a good leader

Oh, I know! Let me lead!

Don't worry Narvis, I'll be right there to give advice and guidance.

Unless we face anything dangerous. You're on your own then princy boy. (Just kidding :D)

Well I can deal with dangerous stuff, I'm just not a good leader

Well you're gonna be king some day boy, so you'd better start learning. Or you could abdicate and let your sister Elizabeth take over the kingdom.

I've been thinking about doing that….. unless I get to be like Eomer or Theoden then I would gladly be King

You could let me run the kingdom.  😉

@Dusk- GOD NO!!!

@Narvis- Now that I check, your and Eomer's stories are actually pretty similar, you just need to get exiled for a while then come back to save the palace on the fifth day.

OK I'll do that anyway you can be like gandalf and I'll be frodo

Frodo: Mordor, Gandalf, is it left or right?
Gandalf: Left.

Hey, I am kinda like Gandalf, aren't I? That is so cool!

Does that make me Saruman, or Sauron?

Yeah you are, and I'm like Eomer except that I haven't been exiled yet

Anyway back to the subject of this thread. How big do we want the group?

Well, I was hoping about six, so the big group could split into pairs of two and each pair could tackle a location (Mine, dungeon, or ruins) Less than that, and we'd probably have to stick together, or leave one location to tackle last while we take down the other two.

yeah good Idea, and you and be Sauron, Dusk

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