Keeneye for Redwall Abbey

  • I've decided to make a chara for Redwall Abbey.

    Name: Keeneye

    Species: Squirrel (grey)

    Age: 19

    Physical Atributes: Muscular, and taller than most squirrels.
                  Lean, but not thin.

    Prefered Clothing: A simple green tunic and leggings. He also wears a star charm that he had when he came to the Abbey, and he would not part with it.

    History: Born not far from Redwall, Keeneye was always climbing trees and getting into all sorts of trouble. He was called Keeneye because of his ability to notice things in pictures that others didn't, and he could see a great distance, even when not in a tree. He was taller than most squirrels, and he had found Redwall Abbey when wandering while 6 years old. At the age of 8, he was the champion treeclimber of Redwall Abbey, and was an accurate archer. When he was 13, he had killed his first vermin, making him a seasoned warrior at the age of 16. By the age of 17, he had killed over 30 vermin, increasing his skill with the bow. He first got a bow when he snuck out of Redwall Abbey at the age of 7. He found the bow by the body of a fallen rat, which he had been nervous to approach at first, but then he drew the knife that he had filched from the kitchen and prodded the rat, finding that he was dead. Keeneye hid the bow under his mattress, and continues to do so, hoping to hardly have to use it. His sgian dubh had been on him when he came to Redwall, and the sabre he found on the body of a dead hare when he was 11.

    Weapons: Bow, sgian dubh(a small scottish dagger that can be hidden almost anywhere), & sabre.

    Talents: Farsighted.
                   Expert climber.
                   Fair archer.
                   Good with sgian dubh and sabre.

    Weaknesses: Hates deep water.
                           Doesn't trust any vermin.
                           Doesn't like to hang around with other animals.
                           Doesn't like open ground.(He prefers woods)
                           Doesn't drink most beverages made by the cellar keeper.

  • Btw, tell me if you think I left anything out.

  • Well you could go more in-depth into description I guess, like saying what your character wears and any predominat physical features. Other then that it looks good.

    One thing I would ask is, correct me if im wrong and its been a long time since i've read the good books (redwall), how did you become an archer within the walls on abbey that does not allow weapons? I know the squirrels outside of the abbey use weapons but none inside and certainly not dibbuns.

    Anyways you can ignore that if you'd like, just curiousity on my part. I like how this is laid out and your info so good job!! 🙂

  • Don't feel bad Wolfe. I'd like to thank you for pointing that out. I'll edit the original post so its more explainable.

  • sweet another squirrel.
    Tessa and Jessie comes in
    "Well hello my dear squirrel friend.." Tessa said
    "I'm JEssie"
    I'm Tessa"
    Come and join us on the RPG!!!

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