Snowdrop A. Whitlowe

  • This is very much still a WIP, but I wanted to get it up and partially out of the way for the time being.



    Nickname(s): Snow, Aster, Whit

    Full Name: Snowdrop Aster Whitlowe

    Age: 25

    Species: Hare

    Height: 5'8"

    Profession:  Professional Dibbun/Siblingsitter, All-Around-Maid, Hare-Servant Gel, Story-reader, Makeshit-Pony, Giver-of-Baths, Rebellious-One-When-She-Has-The-Chance; aka: The Oldest Child.  She pretends she hates it, but really she loves it.  Her mother asks for her assistance only when she requires it, and Snow is always willing to help.  Unless it’s somebody else asking, then forget it.

    Possession(s):  Nothing too extraordinary as of right now.

    Physical Appearance: Her eyes are a light blue-gray, and tend to lean more towards the blue.

    And she looks like this: 

    Material Appearance: At the request of her mother, she wears a knee-length dress that is a soft green in color, a button-up white blouse underneath; which, she keeps the sleeves promptly rolled up on, and a sash tied about her waist that is darker green.  When she can manage to wear what she wants, she dresses in baggy pants, a short top, a long coat, and a floppy hat.  She prefers to wear zero kind of foot protection at all, but will agree to boots if she must.

    Personality: Snowdrop….is really a hare all her own.  She does not take to authority really well, unless it’s her mother or Freedom, yet she is really well liked.  She likes to do things at her own pace, unless it has to do with helping her mother or Freedom.  Her family is the most important thing to her ever, and she would do anything to make sure they are safe and happy.  If she doesn’t want to do something, she won’t do it.  When she was younger, she would sneak off into Mossflower to go on her own little ‘adventures’; the woods is her absolute favorite place in the world.  She was eventually caught, and told that she shouldn’t be out there alone.  However she continued to do so, and eventually she was left to do as she pleased.  There aren’t many like her, and more than likely there will never be; unless future children pick up on her traits.

    She is a very expressionate being: She uses her hands to accentuate and elaborate on something she is saying, whether it be a story, normal chatter, or something she is rather excited about.  When she is annoyed about something, the tip of her left ear will twitch.  When she is intrigued, she will cock her head to one side, much like a dog will do.  When she is worried about something, she will chew on her bottom lip and pace restlessly.  When she is encountered with something distasteful, or if she is listening to a less-than-clean joke that she finds semi-humorous, she will wrinkle her nose up at it.  She will also do this when she’s concentrating really hard on something.  When she’s excited about something, or very happy to see somebody, her eyes will light up and a wide smile spreads across her face.  She will squeal and wibble on spot about cute things; especially new born babies, or something that is overly fuzzy.  When she smirks, one eye brow will raise skeptically, and then she will burst into a fit of giggles.  Unless of course she is being serious, and then she will sock whomever in the face, if need be.  She snorts when she giggles, and is not afraid to laugh hardily.  She will roll her eyes and feign annoyance with the ones that she loves, before doing the task that has been requested of her, trying so hard not to grin the entire time.

    Snowdrop, by one’s typical standards, does not act like your stereotypical girl.  She’s not afraid to get dirty, and she will try her hand at any kind of job.  She only wears a dress because her mother requests it of her, otherwise she would run around in worn out clothes all day.  She is not afraid to speak her mind, or argue her point if she knows that she is right.  Snowdrop….will feign indifference if she is really upset, or really hurt, and continue on with her task.  However once she is finished, she will leave the Abbey to go on one of her habitual walks into the woods, where she will proceed to burst into tears because she knows there will be absolutely nobeast around.


    • She may not be able to speak dialects, but she is very good at understanding almost any kind of speech; from the tiniest dibbun to the oldest mole. She talks like a Redwaller, and eats like a hare.
    • She is strong, and fairly built for a female; it comes from toting around young ones for as long as she can remember.
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    • She has a huge soft spot for dibbuns and cute fuzzy things.
    • Confined spaces make her uneasy.
    • Pride; she does not like to ask for help, or admit that she needs it.
    • Does not take to authority well, at all.
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    Background: Coming soon to a theater near you!

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