Major M. Maulings

  • Posting this partly as a safety save, and partly because I really want to start RPing with this guy. XD This profile is very much not complete.

    Nickname: Sir. Just, "Sir." Major Maulings is also acceptable.
    Full Name: Major Mahalo Maulings
    Species: Half European brown hare, half highland/mountain hare

    Major Maulings largely takes after his mountain hare heritage in the looks department. He's bigger than the average Salamandastron hare, both in height and muscle - the lad doesn't have an ounce of fat on him. He has dark, almost black, brown eyes, a broken nose, and three thin, faded scars raked slantways across his face from temple to cheek. His features have an air of being battered, and his expression is usually worked into a dark, dangerous scowl, or one of cold military indifference. He is in his mid-thirties.

    His fur overall has a much darker undertone than that of his Salamandastron-born father, and though his pelt bears the typical markings of the hare - brown throughout, light belly, dark back - he has more black and dark brown than anything else. His eartips are, of course, solid black. During the winter season he molts into an off-white, gray-flecked sort of color, with exception to his eartips, which remain black year-round.

    The Major is forever and always kitted out in full regimental dress. His uniform is a dark, navy blue, with silver backed buttons. He has several medals which are always on display. He carries a ceremonial short sword (strapped to his thigh) and a sling (wrapped around his waist). His weapon of choice is a large, sturdy halberd. Just in case you didn't catch it before, Maulings is NEVER seen in anyting short of perfectly groomed military dress. Ever.

    Possessions: …are typical for that of an officer of the Long Patrol.

    IN PROGRESS Personality: Very much dedicated to his job, absolutely loyal to Salamandastron and the Long Patrol, and completely trustworthy…....demanding, as an officer and a beast; comes off as overbearing; looks and acts imposing, something he'd prefer not to be
    Maulings is a very fitting name for him, etc


    • Size - it takes one of great skill, bravery, or stupidity, to attempt a tangle with Maulings. He hits like an anvil and runs like a train.
      +Boxing - the Major is a very talented boxer, in both weight and skill
    • Rational - an expert strategist, Maulings can pick his way around a  battle plan with the best of them. He doesn't panic in emergencies and it is difficult to catch him by surprise.
    • Attention to detail - his sharp eyes and ears are largely what makes him such a good scout. Very little happens round the Major without him knowing about it.


    • Size - this works against Maulings in several ways. Though he is a hare and a powerful runner, it takes him longer to get up to speed. Smaller creatures are faster or more nimble in close combat. Swimming is difficult - he sinks very quickly.
    • Babbies - though he takes great pains to keep from showing it, Maulings has a very big squishy soft spot for babes, young 'uns, fuzzy things with big eyes, and baby animals in general. He wants to marry and have a large family in future.
    • Glutton - a typical hare when it comes to vittles.
    • Old school - Maulings is old fashioned to the rigid backbone, very much the stereotypical old officer. Though his demeanor demands respect, he often misses out on the silly things in life that make it worth living. This is a major part of his life that he is missing and, in some ways, wishes he had.
    • Gruff - fails utterly at being even slightly endearing to young creatures.

    IN PROGRESS Background
    -Mother - clan of large mountain hares, father - grizzled Long Patrol NCO. Mother divorced/remarried in the north, raised by (bitter) father at Salamandastron to be a champion boxer [= old fashioned, doesn't show emotion much - father. wants stereotypical perfect family - from faint memories w mother]
    -entered officer candidate school first thing, decided to be a scout, goal to work is way up through the ranks and be a good commander [overall personality ingrained from long patrol / some event to the baby thing?]
    -explain will die for honor/lp/etc, personality, drive for life… speaks with a slight highland lilt from his early years in the north...
    -this is hard to write because his background is so boring, I think. XD Here are the basics, and many apologies if your eyes bleed from reading my notes-to-self!

  • Lol your notes-to-self are cute XD

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