• Name- Thrugg the great

    Nickname- None, he kills those who say otherwise

    Species- Greatrat

    Description- Twice as big and strong as a regular rat. Due to a paralyzing venom sprayed on his face, he has an eternal anger face. he has several scars running the length of his body. He stands at about one point 5 meters and weighs in at 100 kilograms.

    Possessions- He Carry's a warhammer with spikes on both ends.  He commands a ship about the same length as the Goreleech. His most recognizable item is his tunic. Like Mizzero Kroffs, it is made of animal fur, including, among others, otter, shrew, fox, and badger.

    Strengths- He commands an army through fear and respect. Can bash your face in. He can prove an equal match for a badger lord.

    Weaknesses- He fears Salamandastron, it's very name gives him nightmares. He's slow to think, so others do it for him. He'll bash your face in if he's bored.

    Background- Thrugg grew up in a small horde. He loved to hear his father (who was the chieftan) talk of great horde leaders. His favorites were the ones who tried to conquer Redwall. When he grew up, he killed his father in his sleep and assumed control of the horde. He went off to gather other hordes by killing the leaders and assuming control of the hordes. He then had them build a great ship. He called it the Bloodsides. He then sailed off with his army to gain more hordes. He came upon a small island, Dawns home. The badgers there fought valiantly, but were no match for the hordes numbers. He continues to switch between sailing and plundering the land.

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