Admiral Greld

  • Name: Greld

    Full name: Captain Greld, admiral Greld

    Species: Fox

    Description: Greld is about 6 feet 6 inches tall. He has solid grey fur. He has long limbs, short fur, and ocean green eyes. He always wears a grey suit, with a grey bowler hat, grey dress shoes, and a white and blue striped undershirt. He has a gold chain running from inside his suit to his left breast pocket. Inside his pocket he has a rare device, a watch.

    Possessions: He has a black dueling cane, and a dueling sword. He has a watch, several jeweled rings, and a knife in his right shoe. He has a humidor inside the right side of his suit. He always has about twelve cigars with him, and a tinder box to light them with. He has a bottle of whiskey in his right breast pocket.

    Strengths: He is an excellent duelist with both cane and sword. He has a good head on his shoulders. He has been sailing all his live, so he’s, naturally, good at it. He always knows the time, thanks to his watch. He is the admiral of the largest armada ever to sail the seas.

    Weaknesses: He is a corsair, so good beasts naturally fear him. He has a tell when he’s nervous, he’ll pull out a cigar and start to puff on it more than he should. He has had some problems with alcohol when he’s worried about something. He doesn’t know a thing about land tactics, and is put to better use at sea. He is fairly addicted to whiskey and cigars, so he can go through withdrawal pretty soon after he runs out of one or the other.

    Background: Greld is the captain of the ship of the line, The Contender, and has declared himself admiral of his armada and ruler of the seas. The Contender is a special form of ship, having been built with thick oaken timbers, making it much tougher, but slow. With it he has become the terror of the sea, attacking anything foolish enough to sail without his permission. Greld also has some unsavory habits, like greed. He has a large chest in his captains quarters, filled with the choicest pieces of loot from their raiding. He also makes sure to grab a little extra gold from each ship they capture.

    OOC: sorry if the background isn’t all it could be, I had to change it up a little in the middle of writing it. Enjoy.

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