Dawn the badger

  • Name: Dawn the badger

    Nickname: enjoys to be called "Rising sun"

    Species: Badger

    Description: Dawn is about 13 [animal] feet tall and weighs 305 [animal] pounds. His stripe is dyed orange, to fit his name. His eyes are a deep blue, giving the impression that he is friendly. His strength is that to equal a badger lord. He is not very smart, and relies on other creatures to make plans for him. He is prone to instant mood swings. He usually wears a full body suit of chainmail.

    Possessions: Dawn carries little, mainly his battleaxe, a large pouch of throwing axes, and a cart that is pulled by a large hawk.

    Strengths: He is strong enough to punch through you, granted that he doesn't hit bone. His jokes are cold enough to stop vermin in their tracks.

    Weaknesses: He does not believe in mercy, and fights anything that gets in his way. Unfortunately, he has suffered many blows to the head due to this. He fears any food that is hard and bigger than his head. tried to jump on top of some vermin from the Redwall battlements, he lived, but forgot who anyone was for a season. He still looks for a chance to do this.

    Background: He was born into a family of five, his sister, Noon, and his brother, Midnight. They were named after the time of day they were born at. They were born on an island far from Mossflower. Three seasons after his birth, his parents were killed by a greatrat known as Thrugg. when he was old enough, he took his fathers battleaxe and left. He made a ship and sailed southeast, which eventually took him to Salamandastron. The badger lord there fashioned him a set of armor and some throwing axes. Stocked and fully provisioned, he went into Mossflower. After awhile, he met a hawk by the name of Bloodkill. they travelled together, and came upon the Abbey of Redwall. They now live there, waiting for any information of Thrugg.

  • Hey Dawn I really like your character you have here. I think it would be fun to rp with him.

    anyway welcome to RL (Redwall's legacy) I hope you have fun here

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