Reverrek Greyback

  • Nickname(s): Reverrek, Rev, "Big Badger Thing"

    Full Name: Reverrek Greyback

    Species: Honey Badger

    Age: Adult (25+)

    Description: A pretty averagely-sized male honey badger. He's fairly well built and though not as large as his distant mountain-ruling cousins, he's still a big beast. He wears a faded yellow tunic with short sleeves and a pair of brown pants. He also wears a leather protective vest due mostly to an injury from an earlier misadventure. His otherwise black fur is broken up by a gray band of fur on his back that runs from head to tail, a trait which likely earned his family its name.


    • Greatsword
    • Sword Sheath
    • Carrying Bag
    • Clothing
    • Varying amounts of food and supplies


    • Very skilled with his sword, and isn't afraid to use it for more than intimidation.
    • Just as adept at using his fists as he is his sword.
    • His species' tough skin and natural resistance to venom
    • He would go as far as to completely ignore personal safety to protect those he cares about.
    • He is in no definition of the word a coward.


    • As result of an injury from earlier in his travels, a blow to the stomach would be devastating in battle, however it is kept safe most of the time by the protective vest he wears.
    • His ignorance for personal safety in dire situations.
    • His hot temper.
    • Because of his species, he's sometimes mistaken to be a vermin. This has had varying results (though mostly bad ones).
    • Strawberry Fizz. :3

    Reverrek was born in a small village far south of Mossflower, where he led a relatively quiet life with his mother. His mother was a kind and compassionate beast, and was always doing everything she could to help her fellow villagers. These qualities were passed on to her son, who also inherited his father's courage and fighting spirit. Reverrek enjoyed his life at the village, and sought to keep it that way. Sometime after he had grown out of dibbunhood, Reverrek's mother contracted a serious illness. Despite doing everything he could, he could not prevent it from taking her life. Overcome with grief, Reverrek left the village, not seeing anything to stay for.

    Since leaving the village, Reverrek has had a much more positive outlook on life than when he first left; seeing so many new places and meeting many a good beast have helped him to move on and leave the past behind him. However, that's not to say that it hasn't been without hardships. Reverrek has had more than a few encounters with beasts of the bad sort in the past; one such occasion left him without any supplies and a serious stomach wound. This and other events eventually led Reverrek to taking up sword-fighting, a skill that has proven itself useful on many occasions.

    Reverrek is fun-loving and adventurous, and always willing to help those in need. He generally gets along well with those he meets, and tries to be as outgoing as he can. However, his hot temper can sometimes cloud his better judgement, which has led to a few regrettable decisions in the past. On the other hand, Reverrek's stubbornness means that he's the kind of beast who doesn't give up easily. Though he initially left his village out of grief, he eventually came to realize that travelling was a profession he was well suited for, and he hasn't stopped since.

    Reverrek does his best to remain upbeat and talkative around others, and it isn't difficult to him draw into a conversation. He displays a good nature and a well-meaning behavior, but his temper can sometimes put him at odds with others. He likes to think situations through before acting on them, and isn't one to jump to conclusions.

    Other Notes: No, this guy isn't some overpowered superbeast just because he's a honey badger. Playing an overpowered character just isn't any fun.

  • Seems fine to me šŸ™‚
    though maybe you can say a word or two about his personality. What is he like when he's with others? What are his thought processes to determine how he acts in certian situations?

  • @Queen:

    Seems fine to me šŸ™‚
    though maybe you can say a word or two about his personality. What is he like when he's with others? What are his thought processes to determine how he acts in certian situations?

    How did I miss that? XD Thanks Kiara, I'll see to getting it in.

  • (Just as a heads up -as I typically say to those I am about to critique- I am really nice, then really thorough; I am all honesty, but I don't hold back. Although it may look like it, nothing below is a criticism. It's just me contributing what I know in order to help you create better characters. Honestly, I'm pretty impressed by your profile thus far, especially from someone your age)

    You are showing tremendous potential as a writer already; you aren't heady or over-dramatic, you don't get carried away and you keep it realistic. Moreover, while you don't seem to have developed a special wordcraft that is specific to you, you definitely have a solid foundation to work with; the right words come easily to you, your logical rhythm is smooth and you aren't distracted by trivia. Fantastic šŸ™‚
    Ā  Ā  As far as the character, it's a really good start. So far you only have the shell, however. It's like having a soup, but no seasonings. Why name the soup when it has no unique flavor? You have his visage and a history in place -like strips of beef and a few potatoes- and then a few facts about him -like barley floating on the surface-, but there is a difference between reading a biography and looking a man in the face. Which is more fascinating?
    Ā  Ā  Revverek is a stranger to us. Introduce him to us as a person. The way to do is to to figure out what he is, what motivates him and what frustrates him. Is he Ares, seeking out/instigating bar fights for fun? Is he a messiah, traveling the world to teach people something specific? Or how about an Artist, a beast who fell utterly in love with one specific aspect of life, nature or beauty, and who wants to explore, capture or defend it? Or maybe a gangster, hunting out individual dominance?
    Ā  Ā  You don't have to include these details in the profile. However, as you begin to understand your own character better, your knowledge of him with fall out onto the paper subconsciously, subtly, in a way the reader can't miss or ignore. That's what makes a profile great. And knowing your character is what makes him great. šŸ™‚

    ((I know, that was a long critique. Then again, you should see what I used to say to people on WeBook, lol))

  • Believe me, I feel quite privileged just to receive critique from you Seth!
    I'll do my best to address the points you brought up, thanks for giving feedback about it. šŸ™‚Ā 
    P.S. That soup metaphor was bally amazing by the way.
    P.P.S. I'll be honest, I am absolutely terrified of what you used to say to people on WeBook. šŸ˜® (Although I'm sure it was worth the read.)

  • Alright, that should be the final update for now, see you guys on the boards!Ā  šŸ˜‰

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