Mossflower Front Characters

  • Name: Shen-zo
    Age: 27 seasons
    Expertise: Medic
    Species: Mouse
    Strengths: Can sow up a wound with bullets flying everywhere, while humming the "Muffin Man" song. Very deadly in close combat. Uses his amputation saw as a weapon.
    Weaknesses: "Anesthetic? What's anesthetic?"

    Name: Zeke Shadow
    Species: Otter
    Expertise: Sniper/assassin
    Description: He wears a black eye patch and a black vest full of ammunition
    Weapons:Sniper rifle, two pistols and a grappling gun (which shoots a grappling hook on a rope)

    Name: Dastan
    Specialty: Technician
    Species: Otter
    Strenghs: He's a wicked techy, can use a computer like no one else. He's good with machines also. But he's best with technical stuff. He could get you into the Presidents own bedroom without anyone knowing.
    Weakness: He's not very good with weapons. Thats why he works with a team. Techy stuff is almost the only thing he's good at.

    Name: Dusk
    Nicknames: Duel wielder, shadow, Smith
    Possessions: Dusk has duel daggers at his waist, duel 357 6 inch barrel smith and Wesson revolvers in holsters on either side of his lower rib cage. He has two vials of poison on either side of his waist. He has two bandoliers on his waist (they also have his dagger sheaths). And he has a small haversack with infiltration supplies inside of it (two sets).
    Strengths: He’s stealthy, a dead eye shot with his revolvers, excellent at infiltration, he knows a lot of how to deactivate explosives, and a great assassin.
    Weaknesses: He wouldn’t last long in an all out fight, he’s not that strong, he can’t avoid eating cheese, he doesn’t like leaving living enemies behind, He doesn’t like using weapons other than his own, and he likes taking naps.

    Name: Matthew "Dwarf" McCullin
    Age: 24
    Expertise: Machine Gunner
    Species: Hare
    Description: The nickname "Dwarf" is a misnomer, for McCullin is anything but small. He is a large and sturdy young hare, but a brave a reckless one as well. McCullin is dangerous to the enemy, but he can also put himself and his comrades in danger with his headstrong behavior.
    Equipment: Varies from mission to mission, but his favorite gun is the M249 light machine gun. He usually carries a few grenades and wears heavy combat armor.
    Strengths: Deadly at medium to long range with his machine gun, and sturdy in hand to hand combat.
    Weaknesses: Reckless and poor at stealth missions.

    Nickname: Finn

    Full Name: Finnegan Irwin

    Species: Hedgehog

    Age: 20

    Expertise: Support

    Description: Finnegan is a young, energetic looking creature. He is shorter than average, and quite fit. He has a stout muzzle, light brown fur, except where he has slightly darker brown short spikes, from his head all the way down his back. His eyes are dark brown. He has a small tail, typical of hedgehogs, but it is almost never visible under his clothes and spikes. He has two small round ears, not unlike those of an otter.

    Finnegan wears colours that blend in with his environment, grays for the winter and greens for the summer. He takes great care that his black boots are always shined well enough to see his face in them. His shirt is always tucked in neatly to his trousers, and his trousers are tucked into his boots. If it is cold, he will wear a grey scarf around his neck. He wears no hat, but will wear a pair of darkened glasses to protect his eyes from the glare of the snow, or the radiant shine of the sun. If it's cold, he may wear black clawless gloves to keep his paws warm.

    Possessions: Finnegan carries a scrap of cloth at all times which has a picture of Martin the Warrior sewn into it. He also usually has a pen or pencil of some kind stuck behind one ear where he's forgotten he's left it. He has a few bits of coloured string tied around his ring claw, to try and remind him of various things. He is often found with scrunched up bits of paper and snacks in his pockets. He carries around a serrated bayonet in a brown sheath on his belt.

    Whilst Finnegan is on duty, as support he has to carry the secure radio, some additional medical supplies and his primary armament, an M60 light machine gun.


    • Physical endurance. Finnegan used to be quite weedy, but has built up quite an impressive amount of stamina over the years which keeps him going for longer. His arms have gotten quite strong from lugging around a heavy weapon. Of course, he does not mind complaining about exerting himself should the opportunity arise.
    • Outgoing. Finnegan knows vividly what it's like being the youngest of the group, or being the new guy on his first day. He tries to make friends with as many woodlanders as he meets, with varying degrees of success.
    • Caring. If something goes missing, Finnegan will search every nook for it. If somebeast misses out on dinner, he'll try and save some for them. If somebeast falls down, Finnegan's the one that'll bend down and haul them to their footpaws. Finnegan cares a great deal about his fellow woodlanders.


    • Forgetfulness. Finnegan has about three different coloured strings tied around his left ring claw at any given time, trying to remind him to pick up this and take care of that. He gets distracted very easily and often leaves a task in pursuit of something else.
    • Superstition. Finnegan believes in luck and superstition very strongly. He always kisses his picture of Martin the Warrior if he feels he needs a supernatural eye to keep close watch on him. He attributes a lot of things to luck, whether it be extra food or getting to bed early.
    • Clumsiness. Finnegan is not the most co-ordinated when it comes to leaping about or performing delicate tasks. He is not unfamiliar with ending up face-down in mud, snow or water, depending what he's tripped on and where.


    Finnegan Irwin was born in Redwall Abbey and for many seasons aspired to be nothing more than the Abbey Recorder, or maybe the Friar, if he could. He was well-known for hurting himself by tripping over or taking part in some foolish Dibbun's game and getting into trouble. As he grew older he became something of an amateur poet and spent a lot of time in the archives with the Recorder learning Mossflower history and literature.

    The war came when Finnegan was 16, just old enough to be sent off to war. There were four Redwallers his age that were sent off with him. They called themselves the Abbey Warriors and were delighted to be placed in the same platoon when they came in contact with the woodlander forces. Battle by battle, each dear childhood friend fell, until Finnegan was the only Abbey Warrior left. When Redwall fell to the vermin, there was no more home left to go to. Finnegan at first felt very guilty for being the only survivor, as if he deserved to have died with them. However, he learned to overcome this guilt, for he knew there was still some good he could do to end this war.

    After four years of fighting, Finnegan was placed in a new group of woodlanders, a small fighting platoon, just as Finnegan had started.

    Name: Angel Zieliński

    Age: 25

    Expertise: Assault

    Species: Weasel

    Weapons: Angel’s beloved M16 Viper Assault Rifle and a Black Ka-Bar Knife

    Description- Appearance: Angel is a white weasel with a sleek build. She has the body of a martial artist. Her eyes are nearly entirely black with a small rim of amethyst near the edges. Personality: Angel can be your most loyal and steadfast friend, but she is still wary of most beasts preferring to remain cautious. She never tells anybeast about herself unless asked, and even then, she can be very vauge. She remains secretive, even if not noticably. She’s tough and will her hold own in battle. Angel is intelligent and fast on her paws. She understands the importance of planning before taking action, but she enjoys the action much more. She’s capable, but likes to think she’s always on top. Sometimes she can get into sticky situations and only escape with help from a comrade.

    Strengths: Angel is an excellent fighter, skilled with her M16, her Knife, and even in some paw to paw martial arts combat. She’s lithe and well built, able to evade enemy attacks. She strong-willed and tough, and will always be back to help a friend who is threatened or left behind.

    Weaknesses: Angel isn’t so good with the technical stuff. She can figure it out, but she gets restless and needs pointers. She gets herself in to tight places and has risked death and serious injury many times.

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