The Mossflower Front (Rebooted)

  • It was four years since the Vermin had declared war and the world was in poor shape. On the Salamandastron front the shore defenses keeping the Vermin ship Bismark at bay were running low on ammunition and food, with no resupply in sight for three more months. On the other side of the continent hardy beasts from the North, led by the legendary shadow soldiers of Noonvale, were defending their mountainous homeland with tooth and claw, but were slowly being worn down. In Southsward air raids were pummeling the country, while anti air cannon fire lit the skies every night. It was Mossflower that was suffering the worst though. Ever since the capital, Redwall, had been taken by the Vermin soldier had been losing their will to fight left and right.

    All was not lost though. If Redwall could be retaken it would strike a fatal blow to the morale of the Vermin, who had never lost a captured city, and rejuvenate the spirits of fighting beasts all over the world. This pivotal point in the war depended solely on the strength, intelligence, and fortitude of a small band of soldiers trapped deep behind enemy lines, mere miles from Redwall. The battle that would decide the fate of the world was about to begin.

    God help us all.

    An explosion rocked the ground, knocking ash gray snow off the bare branches of trees. The bomber that had dropped the explosive passed overhead without any further attacks. The Vermin knew there were still soldiers in the dense, snowy forest, but they didn’t know where, and with their own troops on the ground they couldn’t just slag the entire place into mud and cinders, though the idea did tempt them.

    As the roar of the bomber grew distant a small hatch in the ground, disguised as a flat piece of rock, was unlocked and tilted up a few centimeters. A mouse’s nose poked out of the thin crack between the lip of the hatch and the forest floor. The nose twitched, sniffing the air to see if there were any Vermin troops about, then the hatch was shoved open so it was perpendicular to the ground. A mouse in bulky green fatigues popped out, standing so his legs were still underground. He wore a pair of glasses with small, circular lenses perched on his nose and a perfectly round green helmet. On the helmet was emblazoned a red cross inside a white circle.

    The mouse immediately turned toward the horizon and caught a glimpse of the bomber disappearing out of sight. He quickly searched the rest of the sky for other enemy planes, and God willing a supply drop, but there was nothing but gray in every direction, except where there were small streaks of scorched black and mud brown. His inspection of the area complete in only a few seconds, the mouse dropped back into the tunnel, letting the hatch slam shut again. He deadbolted it from inside then turned and made his way through the tunnel, using touch rather than sight. Torches produced smoke and therefore would give away the tunnel’s existence, and electric lights were too valuable to waste down here.

    The mouse followed the tunnel until he felt rough wood under his fingers. He knocked three times on the door, paused, then knocked twice more before pounding on the door like a madman. The door quickly opened to reveal the interior of the lowest level of Brockhall. Grinning at the beasts within he walked through the door, “You know, I really like our secret knock.” He walked over to a table and sat on a stool beside it, facing the others. His face grew serious again, “The plane’s passed. They still don’t know we’re here. Don’t know how long that’ll last though. Have we gotten any word from command yet?”

  • "Not a word yet, I wonder whats up at base." Said Zeke he was sitting at a desk typing on a laptop and listening to a radio, waiting for orders or something from base

    Two hours later

    "Finally, I just got a email from base, I guess they didn't want to use the radio, to bad."Said Zeke and tossed the radio over his shoulder. " Ok our mission is to take back Redwall, How did I guess?. And don't use explosives, kill all vermin, save any prisoners. and return to main base. which is at the high north coast

    "This is from the commander: We did a scan and there are about 350 vermin total. Good luck and stay alive".
    "Cool mission" Said Zeke. " I think we should start tomorrow after we get everything ready." Said Zeke then he went and got his sniper and loaded it along with his two pistols.
    "Dastan we need some way to stay in touch with each other, we won't all be together,and someone else can think up the rest of the plans." Said Zeke

  • Finnegan liked Brockhall. It was safe and quiet underground. Memories of the stories of the council of resistance in Mossflower made Finn smile; here was was, ages after the legendary Martin had held council in these very walls, plotting to free the woodlands from the grip of the vermin. Blood and iron, had been the watchwords of the beast for which the vermin flagship, Bismarck, had been named. The vermin had been ruthless, meeting any resistance with fire and steely resolve. Finn felt that Martin's spirit was strong here, though. Perhaps it was more than chance that had led them to seek shelter in this ancient sanctuary from evil.

    The ammunition belts were stored neatly in rows, their boxes labelled so Finn would not confuse them. Matthew, or "Dwarf" as he was nicknamed, used an M249, which took slightly different ammunition than his own M60. As support, the hedgehog felt he needed to be responsible for everything being in its proper place, so when the time came, they would be ready. Once Zeke informed them of their mission, Finn was suddenly very glad he'd organised their equipment. Their mission was doubly difficult - first take over a vermin garrison, then march to the High North Coast. Not only that but the garrison was in Redwall - Finn's old home.

    "Uh, I used to live in the Abbey. I can draw you the layout, if that helps," Finn piped up from his chair. Taking the pencil from behind his ear, he rummaged about until he found a crumpled piece of paper. He smoothed it out on Zeke's desk and quickly started sketching the Abbey's floor plan. "This is the main gate, next to the North/South road. The gatehouse and abbey archives are here. There's also a smaller gate on the other side of the Abbey. I'll bet the vermin will have both gates guarded. There's the lake and the orchard. This is the Great Hall, and these buildings are the infirmary and dormitories. Under the hall is Cavern Hole. The kitchens are through here, and there's also a cellar down here."

    Finn paused and examined the crude drawing he had done. This was not going to be easy. He leant back in his seat and looked down at his boots, frowning. How would they get in? The hedgehog fidgeted with the strings tied around his left ring claw, then cleared his throat noisily. "These vermin are well-supplied. If they have mines, they'd probably deploy them at the back gate. That's where they'd expect us to attack from. The gatehouse would make a good machine gun emplacement. The Abbey has a lot of windows… lots of places a sniper might be. The attic windows would have a good view of the Abbey grounds. I volunteer to do some recon this evening, to get a look at their movements."

    Finn wiped his forehead and stood to fetch a pair of binoculars. He was hoping some beast would volunteer to go with him. He did not want to be out by himself in enemy territory. He was not going to hide away underground whilst there was work to be done, though. That might make him look weak, and he didn't want to be treated as the kid of the team. He gave his fellow woodlanders a nervous grin. "Any beast up for getting some fresh air?"

  • Dusk was currently sitting at a bench, doing some maintenance on his revolvers. Without looking up from his work, he half shouted to Finnegan “I’ll come along with you. I know a lot about spying.” Dusk started to reassemble his revolvers while still talking. “The problem won’t be the abbey itself though. The problem will be the small city that sprung up around the place. Plenty of places to hide and run to. Not to mention the vermin, those patrols aren’t out there to look pretty you know.” Dusk finished putting in the last piece and spun the chamber. He placed the duel weapons into his side holsters under his uniform. On each revolver there was a name etched into the handle, one said Smith, and the other Wesson. The guns had been gifts from his good friends Smith and Wesson, who were currently behind allied lines making guns for their cause. Dusk got up and walked toward Finn. “This may get harry, so to speak. Think you’re up to it kid?” He said while picking up a small case with “357” marked on the side in block letters. Without waiting for a reply, Dusk shouted to the others, "Anyone else feel like coming along?"

  • Matthew "Dwarf" McCullin sat in a corner of the dimly lit basement of Brockhall, his M249 slung lazily over his shoulder. He had been restless ever since they had been forced to take shelter in the tiny underground hideout. McCullin wanted to be out fighting the enemy, not cowering in the shadows. He hadn't appeared to be paying any attention to what the others were saying, but he was keeping an ear out for anything that sounded important.

    When Finnegan mentioned going on a scouting mission McCullin was initially disinterested. He thought that such a mission would involve nothing but hiding and peering at the enemy from a safe distance. But when he heard that it might get messy, he perked up instantly. "Eh, Finn!" he called out to hedgehog, "you need help? I need some shooting practice." McCullin lifted his hefty weapon on his shoulder and rose from his seat, striding towards the pair of beasts already preparing. He took a few belts from the box labeled "5.56 NATO" and slung them over his shoulders. However, he kept one out and loaded into his machine gun, ready for combat. "I'm ready when you are," the hare said with a devilish grin.

  • Angel Zieliński sat, leaning casually and calmly up against one of the corner walls of the dark ancient underground cavern of Brockhall. Her M16 Viper, cradled on her lap, she let her dark eyes search around the room. Being an outsider, Angel had heard tales of Brockhall, but it's significance didn't not strike her greatly. She found the room to be a wonderful place for a hideout during a secret mission though.

    The snow furred weasel maid had recently heard of their mission from the one otter, Zeke. She was starting to like this idea of a small group regaining Redwall Abbey. Her companions she found to be skilled beast, and she believed they would have her back if she needed them around. She was warming up to them, and glad to have some other people near by.

    Zieliński begin to grow restless… What was all of this talking about? They couldn't stay stuck down in this dusty hole forever. Honestly, she thought it would be better just to strike hard and strike fast and strike where the Vermin were weak. Still, she ought to wait... Wait! What was this about spying? Zee would spy if she had to, but that wasn't what she was here to do.

    Three or so of the beasts had already decided to go out briefly with Finn, the hedgehog. Angel wasn't positive that so many needed to go, but, it was better than having more beasts sitting around idly at base. As for herself, Angel was going to stay. She wanted to get outside, but she had better discuss plans for the actual assult before anything else. She still had yet to learn her role in their quest to take back the Abbey. But when her time should come... She would not sit back and watch.

    As the three others were getting ready to leave, Angel stood up and walked over to the mouse. "Sir." Said Angel, her voice laden with a tinge of an exotic accent. "What would you like me to be doing. Do preparations need to be made?..." She paused. "If I may. I believe we all have our supplies and weapons out, sorted, and ready. I think that we simply need to find where, when, and how to attack, but that could certainly be a long and frustrating process."

  • Dastan lay on the on the table upside down with his knees up and a laptop resting on them. He was typing away as fast as ever. He wasn't too unhappy about sitting around, he didn't mind the peace and quiet. His guns were laying on the table beside him. There was a Heckler & Koch MP5, a Steyr M1912 and a Husqvarna m/1907. And there was a little spider running around on the floor, about the size of a tarantella. It was of course a robot, a little camera that could do almost anything. Dastan was manning it from his laptop. It walked over to Angel. The it waved and did an awkward bow. Dastan grinned at her.

    When he heard there was a scouting mission Dastan got off his table. He wasn't going, but they needed his equipment. He pulled a little container out of a pocket and opened it, inside there were little earbuds, he took out 4 of them and handed them around to the party going out.
    "Put these in your ear, and all you have to do is talk, and listen. No buttons pressed" He said proudly.
    "Oh, and one more thing." He bent over and picked up the spider, he pet it and pressed a button on his laptop. It immediately folded up into a small metal ball.
    "Just chuck this inside Redwall for me will ya? Thanks! Just make sure it gets inside in the grass without being seen."

  • Shen looked up at the snow furred weasel and casually flipped his bonesaw over and over in one hand, juggling it like a bowling pin. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, "First, I'm not a 'sir' Angel. In all technicality, we're all the same rank here, but thank you for assuming I'm a higher rank. It makes my ego feel all warm and fuzzy." The medic grinned at his egotistical remark, then his face went flat again, "You're certainly right; we've got all our weapons and ammo out and ready, all we need to know is how, when, and where, which this lot here will bring to us quite shortly," He caught the handle of his saw and gestured at the scouting team with it before continuing, "Now listen here; they are only going out this late out of necessity, and the rest of us should probably be getting some sleep if we want any chance of taking Redwall back tomorrow. I've seen my share of battles go badly because of tired soldiers."

    The mouse rose from his chair and slipped his saw back into its sheath smoothly and sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, "Oh dear, I sound like a commander again, don't I? I guess I do get to rambling on the occasion… rambling? Dear lord, I'm only 27 and I sound like my grandpa!" He shook himself, "Gah! Anyway, bedtime I should think. And as for you three!" He poked a finger at the scouts, "I don't want any funny business while you lot are out on the town. Be back by three in the morning at the latest or I'll ground you for the rest of the war on gravy rations!" With that, Shen dropped his arm and went over to a partitioned off alcove, his sleeping area.

  • "Any beast up for getting some fresh air?" "I'll with ya mate"

    "I don't want any funny business while you lot are out on the town. Be back by three in the morning at the latest" "Don't worry Shen ether we'll be back soon, or not at all." Said Zeke with a grin,
    "by the way who is leading this mission? I think it should be Me or Shen what do you guys think?"

    Then he went over to the table and picked up the spider and looked at it closely "If this is what I think it is we all wouldn't need to go right now…. but we all want some fresh air so lets go" said Zeke and picked up his sniper and slung it over his back and grabbed his pistols as he walked up the stairs to the door of Brockhall.
    It was a nice night outside of Brockhall with a cool breeze. "Nice night for a walk" He said and started off to Redwall.

  • McCullin gave Dastan a demeaning look. Though he knew that the otter's technical skills were important, the intellectual really didn't impress him. "Eh Dastan, can your little toy survive being thrown over the wall?" McCullin asked, "because I'm not riskin' my life to set it gently in the grass." Making sure that his Desert Eagle and grenades were place, the hare walked over to join his companions on the scouting mission. As he passed Angel he winked at her saying, "keep those two softies safe while we're gone!" By "those two softies" it was clear he meant Shen and Dastan.

    Before Zeke started up the stairs, McCullin elbowed him in the ribs. "Listen sniper, we're all that same rank here," the giant grinned, "I ain't taking orders from you, or Shen. Just leave me to do what I do best. Kill beasts." He followed Zeke up the steps and out the door of Brockhall, entering the night a step after the otter.

  • Finnegan had gone into something of a catatonic state for a moment. He numbly checked over his M60, making sure the safety was on, for now. He was glad of Zeke and Dusk's company, and it was not as if he didn't like the big, rough hare. But Dwarf was not the beast he would have picked for reconaissance. In fact, the whole meaning of recon seemed to have flown by the hare's large ears. Finn tried not to grin too much at the thought. He realised they were already leaving him behind. The hedgehog scrambled for the door, the binoculars swinging from his neck. They were equipped with night vision, so they could do some work in the dark. "Seeya, Shen! We'll be back soon!"

    Reaching the hatch that led into Brockhall, Finn hesitated, then slowly opened it a crack. No vermin about. He waited a few more seconds then pushed it open and rolled out into a convenient thicket of bushes, letting the hatch close behind him. It was imperceptable to any beast not looking for it. The cold, fresh breeze was a welcome relief. Finn breathed deeply, glad to be rid of the warm, close atmosphere down below. His companions were already setting off. Finn scuttled after them, knees permanently bent, eyes forever darting this way and that. He would not put it past the vermin to leave a nasty surprise or two in the forest. Mines were foremost on his mind. Finn checked his compass making sure they were actually headed to Redwall.

    "So, um," Finnegan began, hurrying to keep pace with the bigger otter and hare, "as we're approaching from the north-east, we can get quite close to the Abbey without being seen. I'm pretty sure the vermin have set up road checkpoints and outposts through their captured territory."

    Finn checked his belt for his radio, sighing with relief he had brought his. If they got into serious trouble, he could always radio for help. Compulsively checking his compass, Finn snaked between the trees. For a moment, he forgot that they were convenient bits of cover. He saw a forest, not a series of mines or traps. He relaxed for a moment, allowing a reprieve from the tension he felt. The forest in winter was a uniquely beautiful landscape, with towering trunks and millions of interlocking branches, all covers in white slush from the snowfall of last night. Try as he might, the hedgehog couldn't spot any birds. He had been hoping to see a robin or a bluebird making a nest, but today it was quiet and motionless. Finnegan added birdwatching to his list of things to do if he survived the war.

    "No birds today," Finnegan said out loud. He winced, he hadn't meant to bring it up. Trying to cover what sounded like an inane comment, he stammered, "Uh… I-I mean no vermin birds. Er, crows, or anything. You know. Aerial spies. No birds out looking for us."

    Finnegan lapsed into silence. Crows were the stealth spies of the vermin, they made virtually no noise and were hard to detect. The vermin must have given up searching this area for woodlanders. For now, at least.

  • OOC: I don't mean to be a bother, but I think you just took to much liberty with that last post. From what I have gathered, this new Redwall has a city around it, patrolled by vermin soldiers. It doesn't seem like you should just be able to run up to the Abbey, I would think you would have to sneak through the city first. As Boromir said, "one does not simply walk into Mordor."

  • OOC: yeah sorry I'll fix that
    I don't know about the city part
    and if there is a city that we have to get through then 4 of us shouldn't go, just 2

  • Dusk stalked behind the rest of the group, preferring to stick to the shadows. He watched them, waiting for the time when he would get to kill some vermin. Dusk was currently in his uniform, a black jacket over a black shirt, complete with black pants. On his shoulder was a specialized design, declaring that he was part of a Special Forces group. According to all standard military documents, he didn’t exist. Yet he was entrusted with a mission far more important than any other beast could guess …the assassination of the vermin leader in control of Redwall. It had been no accident that a highly trained, supposedly none existent assassin had ended up here. His orders had come from his direct superior, and he would NOT fail them. This sense of determination didn’t come from loyalty, or from any wish to free the abbey, it came from a more personal place. The vermin that was leading this force was the same one that ordered the execution of his family. Dusk had been there, hiding in the tree line by his town. He had watched as his family was slaughtered. Remembering the event hurt, and he self consciously moved his paw to his left breast-pocket. In it was a short list of all the vermin who had participated in the slaughter. Almost all of those names were crossed out, only one remained. He smiled a grim smile. Once that last name was crossed out, he could move past that unhappy event. He started following the others as they moved forward. They soon reached the edge of the forest and from the tree line; Dusk could see the small town that surrounded the famous Abbey.
    (OOC) I think we should go with Fowller’s idea as to what the town should look like and what’s in it, it’s pretty good. Also, there WILL be a town around Redwall. It will give us some more obsticels, and it will let us do a bit more sneaking.

  • Angel nodded toward the spider-bot and smiled briefly. "A nice little piece of technology." She said, "Let us hope she serves her purpose."

    Angel was silently pleased at the assortment of abilities that her comrades had. They were all very different personalities, but hopefully that would not hinder their mission any.

    To Shen's egotistical remark Angel allowed herself a smirk of a half-smile. "I see… With all due respect I was just bestowing upon you the universal title that all of the male gender should be able to accept as their own."

    "by the way who is leading this mission? I think it should be Me or Shen what do you guys think?"

    Angel turned around to face the otter who had just spoken. Zieliński replied after the others had finished conversing, "I was content in the knowledge that we were equals. Arguing over positions of power will lead to distrust and backstabbing…" Angel nodded her head curtly. "I see our mission as a failure if we do not succeed in becoming mutually understood by our teammates in our undertakings." She turned again, facing her back toward the departing party once more.

    "keep those two softies safe while we're gone!"

    The weasel maid smiled at the big hare as he winked at her. "I'll do that. Though they may not be as soft as you would think."


    As Shen walked over to his separate sleeping area, Angel let out an exhausted sigh, despite that fact that she felt as if she has accomplished nothing that day. Having neglected to set apart an area for herself to sleep in, Angel walked over to a stack of her belongings, separate from where the rest of their supplies were being kept. She grabbed an old sleeping bag (one that had obviously seen much use) from the pile. Pulling it over to a corner of the room, she spread it out and lowered herself on to it.

    Angel closed her eyes, thinking over the day's events. She found it hard to sleep that night. Still awake, Angel continued to re-situate herself in her make-shift bed.

  • Dastan grinned at McCullin,
    "My "little toy" can probably survive more than you can, all you have to do is chuck it over the wall and I'll do the rest.

    "keep those two softies safe while we're gone!"
    "I'll do that. Though they may not be as soft as you would think."

    He chuckled at that remark.
    "Why thank you miss Angel." He said grinning at her.
    He watched as the party left to scout out redwall, he played around on his laptop for a while, then he watched Angel leave the room, for bed. He yawned, and followed suit heading for his bed also.

  • The damp of the snow was slowly infiltrating Finnegan's camouflaged uniform. The hedgehog tried to ignore it as he lay under a bush, binoculars pressed hard against his eyes with gloved paws. The abbey had been a red smudge in Finnegan's vision, but with his sunglasses lifted to his forehead and his eyes glued to binoculars, he could almost make out every red stone in the walls.

    Finnegan felt a pang of longing for the old place. The Abbey had been his home, and now he was hiding from it. He wondered about the old abbot and his friends; how they were fairing in some woodlander refugee camp behind friendly lines. He could just imagine the elderly squirrel passing around cups of tea and cheering everybeast up.

    Diverting his gaze from the Abbey, Finnegan examined the town streets. Outposts had been hastily built along the main roads in and out of the town, and Finnegan was betting there would be mines and tank traps place strategically. Getting closer would be a difficult process. The approach of sunset would make things a lot easier.

    "There's a few outlying suburban homes. Quiet area, where richer beasts used to live. Doesn't seem guarded, most of the vermin are concentrated on main roads. I guess they're afraid of a tank corps rolling in. We can't be spotted in open ground, they can probably dispatch armour and airs upport onto us very quickly. Let's move in," Finnegan said. He felt a little odd giving the orders, but they needed to get scouting quickly, before they were noticed, or the vermin changed positions. The hedgehog was sure every beast already knew what he had to do. Slowly, stealthily, the hedgehog slunk down the hill, keeping to trees and rocks, shaking his headspikes of snow.

    Up ahead, Finnegan could make out the dark silhouettes off the sloping roofs of houses. The area they were approaching had been a quiet, friendly neighbourhood. It was now abandoned. The hedgehog spotted a bike lying discarded in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Some windows had been smashed, presumably during the attack. The windows were dark, however, and the street was quiet, lit only by flickering lamp posts. The scene was calm, but very eerie. There was a constant hint of danger. Finn felt his spikes prickle. He had not spotted any vermin in this area… yet.

  • (( I think, we'll shut down this RP for now, and maybe try restarting it someday later, but unless everyone can come back, we'll have to restart sometime. ))

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