A Redwall Writing Contest - Escape from Mossmire

  • Hey everyone, I just thought I'd tell you about a collaborative writing contest I'm running in January. I hope this is the right section to post the trailer for it!  😉

    Peace has reigned in Mossflower for many seasons. Woodlanders live in relative tranquillity with the resident vermin of Mossflower. All 7.88 million of them.
    Mossmire City is the culmination of ten seasons of building to accommodate an expanding vermin population. Sprawled over nearly four hundred square kilometres of former swamp, the city rises eight storeys above ground and sinks five storeys below in a maze of tunnels and cellars. They’re not called vermin for nothing; more keep coming, and some beast has to keep them all in order.
    Ratio the pine marten dreamt of a beautiful, efficient city; a great monument to his endless plans, his structures, his control. But the dream is sinking now, along with Ratio's pride.
    Mossflower’s wettest year on record combined with fierce wind is eating away at the city’s less than solid foundations. Homes and livelihoods are sinking into the earth. It will not be long before the whole city and its inhabitants are washed away or drowned in the ruins of Ratio’s failed ambitions.
    So the story begins for Escape from Mossmire, a Mossflower Herald creative writing contest. Eight writers will be chosen to face the ultimate collapse of vermin society. Vermin and woodlander applications will be accepted.
    **Applications open 1st of January 2012.**
    The latest prologues to Escape from Mossmire have been released. These three chapters are the prelude to the main story. If you love writing and want to write collaboratively, have a look! All writers are welcome to apply.
    Mossflower Herald: http://themossflowerherald.org/
    Mossflower Herald / Escape from Mossmire forums: http://themossflowerherald.org/forum/index.php
    First Prologue: The System Functions: http://themossflowerherald.org/?p=56
    Second Prologue: Correcting Imperfections: http://themossflowerherald.org/?p=66
    Third Prologue: Siege Mentality: http://themossflowerherald.org/?p=72

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