Josiah Rockfeathers

  • Nickname: Josi, Idiot Bat, 'Hey You!'

    Full Name: Josiah Rockfeathers

    Species: Bat

    Description: He's shorter than most beasts, about the same size as an average mouse, though a bit plumper round the middle. He has short brown fur and two leathery black wings which he can fold around himself. He has only one short claw on either wing where another beast's thumb might be. This makes picking up objects and writing rather difficult, but Josiah can manage to lift items like mugs, papers or food.

    Clothing is a little tricky for bats, especially when conforming to a society outside of their natural cave homes. Josiah wears a very leathery black tunic which has a series of adjustable metal buckles, so the bat can widen the sleeves, shuffle awkwardly into it and then tighten the buckles so the garment does not look like a comically oversized bathrobe. This also makes it easier for Josiah to fly clothed. He also wears a pair of breeches made of a similar material.

    Possessions: Josiah doesn't carry any weapons, he would find it difficult to hold a sword for very long, much less use it. He does wear a silver claw ring on his left claw and a necklace, but these are simple vanities without much value.


    • Echolocation! Josiah is a bat, so can use a series of high pitched squeaks to determine the rough outline of his surroundings when in the dark. Contrary to popular belief, Josiah's eyesight is fine, but this species trait comes in handy in his natural environment of caverns and flying at night.
    • Drinking and eating. Josiah enjoys both immensely, no matter the fare. If he ever sees a kind of food that seems unappealing, he simply closes his eyes and tries anyway. Very handy when it comes to making friends, especially at Redwall Abbey.
    • Loquaciousness. In other words, talking. Josiah can go on and on and on telling you about his third cousin's father's friend's trip to Southsward three years ago when he saw an interesting bird collide with a window in Castle Floret because of bad weather. He is fond of telling stories, jokes, bursting into song and generally making a scene. This can actually be quite handy, given how much trouble he lands himself in.
    • Loyalty. Josiah is the sort of friend that never gives up. Having as a friend can be a major stress for many beasts, but he is not one to turn his back on the friends he does make.


    • Drinking and eating. Josiah, stop sneaking extras, it makes you look greedy and stupid if you get caught. Josiah has earned himself more than his fair share of bruised claws and public humiliations for his drinking behaviour. Especially when he feels confident enough to actually try and start a brawl. A bat trying to start a fistfight while drunk is a lamentable and undeniably hilarious sight.
    • Loquaciousness. Josiah's big mouth can run him into a lot of trouble. He has the peculiar ability to get under a beast's skin, so to speak, and his pointed comments and snarky remarks can really get him on the wrong end of a fist, or worse, a sword.
    • Childishness. Josiah can get huffy and 'offended' rather easily himself. He hates jokes about his name, and how Josi sounds a bit more like a female's name. He tends to want things to go his way and can be a bit sulky if they don't.
    • Stubbornness. Josiah will stick up for what he thinks is right no matter how much trouble he might get into. Since trouble is already his constant companion, this can make him appear quite blockheaded and foolish, as he is rarely inclined to compromise or admit he is wrong.

    Outstanding Criminal Charges:

    1 count of being a Supremely Annoying Bat
    10+ counts of inducing a riot
    10+ counts of public disturbance (main offence: singing badly)
    Numerous cake-theft related charges


    Josiah was born in Bat Mountpit and for much of his early life lived amongst his kind, mostly in the dark. At dusk and dawn they would flock for insects and spend much of the day sleeping. Josiah was a hyperactive youngster at the time and often liked to sneak off without his parents knowing. Meeting woodlanders was a favourite pastime of his, as they invariably had never even seen a bat up close before. Josiah was the sort of naughty young creature that would drop unexpectedly from above to spook dibbuns.

    Josiah was quite a lazy bat as he grew up and barely contributed to the clan's winter harvests, but ate plenty enough for two bats. At the insistence of his parents and his popularity with some of the younger bats, he was allowed to stay in the caves and learn to grow up and become a more responsible creature. It seemed like a good idea, but Josiah's habits of procrastination and excuse making and worming his way out of trouble wore the bat Lord's patience to its end.

    So, Josiah was exiled from Bat Mountpit for the heinous and most grieveous charge of being a 'Supremely Annoying Bat'. Josiah was unable to defend against the charges, because he was about six hours late for the trial, out picking berries with some local hedgehogs. So it was that he dressed in his absolute best clothes (his… only clothes.) and said his farewells. It wasn't as bad as it all sounded, he could still visit his parents and friends when they were out of the caves, but he was not allowed to re-enter the clan.

    Currently, Josiah stumbles through life, making as much noise and having as much fun as possible. He occasionally stays with a few woodlander friends when he needs a roof over his head, until his welcome is run out. He has gotten pretty good at telling when is the best time to move on so as not to become a permanently unwelcome nuisance.

    I hope this profile looks alright so far!

  • This is a brilliant character, Foweller! I am quite impressed that your first character is so well written!

  • Well done, mate!  This profile is awesome, awesome.  😉

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