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    Brome stood on the long boat staring at the shore. It had been six long years since he had seen Noonvale, and he had recieved a message of great urgency. His father, Gilyim, was quickly fading, and his mother, Lyvia, had written to Brom telling him of it, and the fact that one mouse, a certain Fleetfoot, was wanting control of Noonvale. Already, Noonvale was quickly turning into a place of discontent, as Fleetfoot was bribing many to get them to join him.

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    Gerrun saw the boat advancing down the river and called out to it. "Who goes there?" he called. He had been put on watch to greet Brome when he arrived, and had been waiting impatiently for him so show. He hoped that the boat was him.

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  • "Brome, captain of the Falcon, formerly of Noonvale!" Brome called back. "And who might you be?"

  • "Brome!" Gerrun called back, "It's me Gerrun! Come on shore mate! We've missed you!"
    Gerrun uncoiled a long length of rope and tying one end to stump of a tree, tossed the rest of the coil out to the boat.

  • Brome deftly caught the rope and began pulling his boat to shore.
    "Its been a long time, Gerrun. It feels good to be back." Brome said, smiling.

  • Once the boat was into shore, Gerrun lept to the bow and gave Brome a large embrace. "How are you doing you old tub, o' lard? Where have you been all this time? You'll have to tell us of your travels old freind."

  • "Yes, I have much to tell. But later. Tell me about Noonvale." Brome said, getting right to what had brought him home.

  • "We are still having trouble with the crows Brome, but we give 'em blood and vinegar every time they come around here." Gerrun grinned. "The biggest matter at hand though, as I'm sure you know, is your father."
    Gerrun looked down and kicked at a bit of rope loosed in the bow of the ship. "He's fadin' fast Brome. There aint a whole lot left 'scept fur and bones."
    Gerrun grabbed Brome by the arm. "Come on! I'll take you to 'im."

  • "Its that bad, isn't it?" Brome asked, his face grim.
    "Mother probably won't be to happy either."

  • As Gerrun led Brome through the village, he spoke quietly. "Your father's condition has worsened since the storm last week, and many of the beasts here…"
    Gerrun paused. "Well... Most of the beasts around here don't think that he'll make it another fortnight."
    Gerrun turned around and pointed to a small lightly decorated tent. "Your father is in there." Gerrun said, "He is probably asleep now, but he is sometimes kept awake by his rheumatism."

  • Brome stepped inside the tent. He saw his mother sitting beside his father, who was coughing at the moment. Brome grimaced at the noise.
    "Hello mother, father." Brome said, forcing himself to smile.

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    "Brome, thank the seasons you're home!" his mother cried, grabbing him around the neck.
    "How is he?" Brome asked, motioning to his father.
    "I'm afraid that he may die tonight. But that's not the problem." She said, her face growing grim.

  • As if on cue, Gerrun returned and entering the tent addressed Brome's mother. "Mam, the crows have managed to take one of our scouting parties. One crow, who we have assumed is their leader, has communicated that he would like to arrange a way to meet. I believe he wants to barter for their lives."

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    "Blast! Gerrun, run to my ship bring thirty squirrel archers. Mother, I don't want the crows to know I've returned until I am shoothing at their feathered hides. We need to rid ourselves of these creatures!" Brome commanded, quickly grabbing up his longbow.

    "Be careful Brome!" His mother called after him. "I will keep them distracted until you are ready to attack."

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