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  • Hello everyone! Contrary to what you may guess from the title, I am not accepting requests from others for my artwork. Rather, I am requesting that others create artwork for me! This is because I lack not only artistic skills, but also the will to improve them. I would like artwork of all my primary characters in the Whitedeath family including:

    Vikenti, Verusha, and Vladimir (Either as a group or separate.)
    Possibly Dmitriy


    All of the above in a Group

    If you are at all interested in aiding me, please contact me by PM. I'm afraid I can't pay you, so I doubt I can get anyone to draw for me, but I can give you a cyber cookie or something. 😞

  • Oh, hey there Vik.

    May I present the one and only Vikenti Whitedeath, that shrewd and considerate ermine.

    …So, I'm getting more comfortable with tablets each time I use them, although my lines are still a little squiggly.  Tablet pens are hard to get used to.  Lining and coloring this took about 3 hours, which is just an unimaginable record for me.  xD    Hopefully moar soon

  • Speaking of requests, if anyone else would like for me to take a shot a doodling their character(s), I'd be willing.  I need stuff to draw.  😄  Just PM me if you're interested.  I think that I could take about 6 requests at this moment.

  • Well, once your done with the trio, you could draw some of the other Whitedeaths! ^^

  • What?  I thought it was more like "if you've seen one Whitedeath, you've seen them all."  Maybe I'll just draw their costumes, and you can print them and cut them out and put them on the drawing you already have of Vik.  TThen Vik can be himself part of the time, and Verusha, Vlad, or Vadim the rest of the time.  It'll be like modern paper dolls.  😛

  • Avalon and Belarus please? Or Silverheart and Ebonypaw, which ever is better for you?

  • Ain't no thang.  One Avalon and one Belarus coming right up.  😄

    …And until the current batch is done, I'm closing requests.  haha

    So I have

    Elizabeth-  her character whose name I can't remember because she's just been created

    Vik- Vlad and Verusha

    Vargon- Dvindor, Veror, and Vargon

    Bel- Avalon and Belarus

  • Well, Jake that's not exactly what I had in mind. XD You made me sad now.  😢

  • Poor Vik.  haha

    Okay, y'all who asked me to draw trios of characters, don't expect them all at the same time.  I'll try and get at least one of your trios to you as soon as possible, but I'm pretty busy with stuff lately, and so may not get all three drawn and colored as soon as I might wish to.  Apologies to all.

  • Warrior Member

    Marsh, I'm really diggin' this newer cartoony look you put into your characters now, they went from a more realistic approach to the approach of the Redwall TV series, but in your own way. Its fantastic. xD

  • Haha, thanks bro, that means a lot.  Yeah, I didn't like my old approach as much because I thought the drawings didn't have personality.  I'm really trying to change that now, been looking at animators and such for tips on how to do expressions.  My biggest inspiration has probably been the Lackadaisy webcomic, the artist makes her chars look so natural.

  • Tha latest, yo

    Now I need to get to work on those other five requests; Bel, Vargon, Elizabeth, I haven't forgotten y'all haha

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