The Sword in the Stump

  • May 12,2011

    It was a normal day, actually it was the warmest day that the forest had seen in two whole months. Link Copaberunak was just waking up from a terrible night of sleep. he was about to set out to find some food, when a scorpion popped out of nowhere… ok, it came out of a rock that Link moved so that he could leave the tree he was sleeping in, the scorpion stung him on his left foot, causing him to become unconcios for 2-3 hours.

    When he awoke, he had no clue as to where he was, who he was, and more importantly, the reason why there was a 3 inch wide swollen spot on his foot. trying to find some clues, he started to wal... limp around until he came across a civilization that was created by a team named Clan TimeLord. he then decided to settle in for the day.

  • As he approached the leader of clan TimeLord, he was then attacked by his brother, Ralph!

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