Nicholas Swift

  • Nickname: Highwayman, Outlaw, the Old Mask

    Full Name: Nicholas Swift

    Species: Wildcat

    Alignment (Just for fun): Chaotic Neutral

    Description: -Nicholas is seven [animal] feet tall, and weighs roughly 210 [animal] pounds. He has rusty red fur with a white streak all along his tail. He walks with a swagger (or a stagger, depending on how much he’s been drinking), and loves to run.
    -Nicholas wears a white undershirt, a white long-sleeve with ruffled cuffs, a crimson vest, and a black jacket, split at the back to make two triangular tails that brush his heels. He also wears black trousers, a gold ring on his tail, a navy blue, tri-corner hat trimmed in black, a red masquerade mask with gold scrollwork, and a black leather belt.
    -Nicholas has no morals, and he can be bought. Despite his debonair attitude and fine courtly demeanor, he is one of the slimiest, self-serving, scum bags you will ever meet. He refrains from doing mercenary work wherever possible, but for enough gold he’ll do whatever you tell him to.

    Possessions: A light falchion, a red and gold mask, a crossbow, a traveler's chest with leather straps so it can be worn like a backpack for keeping his gold in (greedy bastard).

    -He works alone, stays alone, and is fairly self-reliant, so he can disappear into the wilderness with relative ease.

    -He makes no attempts to hide his criminal career.
    -He loves to brag.
    -He really isn’t very effective with weapons; he only uses them as a scare tactic.

      Nicholas was born in Southsward as the son of a rich wildcat merchant. His family’s wealth was in trading between Mossflower and Southsward, mostly exotic lumber and metals. Over the years, since his grandfather started the business, Nicholas’s family became very rich, and so he was sent to the castle Floret to study. He did well in his studies until one day his parents were called to the castle to get him out of the castle dungeon. Apparently, Nicholas had made several friends in his years at the castle and had recently induced them to accompany him in robbing a store.
      Nick’s parents were convinced it was a onetime slip-up and paid their son’s bail, giving him a stern reprimand and three hour lecture before heading home again. Nicholas swore he would never make any mistakes again. Ten months later Nicholas was again caught robbing a store, except this time it was discovered he’d been stealing from homes the whole ten months, and only gotten caught on his 27th hit. His parents were horrified, and refused to pay his bail. Nick’s father even wanted his stay in the dungeon to be made permanent.
      However, the day after word reached Nicholas that his parents would not be bailing him out this time, his cell was found empty with no sign of forced opening and the guard dead. From there Nicholas seemed to fall off the face of the planet. Besides a few more criminal acts being reported in the Southsward area, no one ever saw a trace of him. Coincidentally (or not) a few years later a legend started popping up about a ghost haunting the border between Mossflower and Southsward. Supposedly a dead noble, the ghost was said to wear a mask and attack travelers on foggy nights, killing them and taking any gold on them. Though certainly not a ghost, it does sound familiar.

  • So when we read that Nicholas is not good with weapons, we are not to assume that he can't use them, right?  He's just not a master.

    Nice character, I like him.  Cool to see a wildcat round here.

  • Well, he knows enough about using a sword to not look like an idiot, which is exactly what he's going for. He selects his victims based on how well fortified they look. He would choose a monk on a pilgrimage (non-warrior brand) over, say, Martin the warrior.

    There used to be more wildcats around here, but I guess they faded away.

  • Savvy.

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