Jake Whitepaw (WIP)

  • Friar Tuck + Little John + Wolverine.  That is all.

    Jake Whitepaw
    **Eye Color**
    Reddish Brown
    **Physical Description**
    Jake is an immense and impressive figure.  He is barrel chesteded, thick necked, and equipped with tree trunk-like limbs, though his heavy coat of fur conceals most of his muscle detail.  Razor claws tip off his paws, and his heavy jaws are replete with a set of giant teeth designed to rend flesh and crush bone.  It deserves to be noted that he has ceased to use these "implements" on his fellow creatures. 
    Handsomely colored, Jake's shaggy fur ranges from black on the limbs and chest to deep brown and black on his back, and black up to the back of his skull.  His head is brown, with a deep brown mask stretching from right above his brown eyes, down the tip of his muzzle, and to the throat below.  A cream-colored irregular "V" stretches from his massive shoulders down to his stomach.  His left front paw is peculiar, colored a creamy white instead of black like his other three. 
    After significant protest, Jake took for himself the modified garments of a friar.  Akin to what any other Brother would wear, his garb differs in that his robe is more of a hooded tunic which stops at the knees.  He stubbornly refuses to wear fabric down to his footpaws, claiming that it would inhibit his stride.  (…It probably would…)  Over his tunic he wears a heavy hooded canvas cloak which was made from an old tent. 
    **Possessions**  As a traveling friar, Jake's personal effects do not amount to much.  He wears a small pouch on his cord-belt, in which he keeps a small knife, a flint, and a barkcloth bound book of prayers.  Additionally, he carries a canvas water-bottle. 
    As a mercenary, he carried a massive longbow.  This is now stored in safety at the monastery where he first donned a friar's habit. 


    Jake was once a mercenary archer who cared little for anybeast but himself.  Traveling far and wide in search of fortune, he fought under many different banners, both woodlander and vermin, and slaughtered those who opposed his employers without any traces of remorse.  Famous for his destructive drunken rages, he drank heavily and pursued licentiousness whenever he had gold to spend.  Attempting to have his way with a small female wolverine one night, he heard the terrified creature murmering under her breath.  Strangely curious, he ceased forcing himself upon her and inquired as to what she was doing, and why.  Still fearful, and yet strangely confident, the female explained that she had been praying to the Maker and Sustainer of Nature and the Forests, and proceeded to tell him of The Path.  Not a little convicted by its message, the wolverine let her go and spent the next several months traveling the northlands, miserable with the way he had spent his life thus far.  After some time he stumbled upon a monastery of the order of Mother Nature's Path of Peace and Cooperation, and decided to seek solace there.  Upon gaining an audience with the Abbot, he made the decision to become a monk of The Path in order to make amends for the many terrible things he had done, and swore never to needlessly harm another creature again.

    For five seasons he served faithfully in the monastery, learning more of The Path, as well as how to read and write, how to cultivate food in the abbey gardens, and how to use herbs medicinally.  On his thirty-third birthday, he expressed his desire to become a roaming friar to the abbot, who released him from the service of the monastery with an admonition to practice kindness and virtue wherever he went.

    As a traveling friar he roams great distances, willingly helping the poor and sick, and administering holy service in the remotest of hamlets.  While he is a bit unrefined and does not fit the stereotype of a creature of the cloth, his character was  influenced largely by the Abbot of the monastery, and in his own simple way he seeks to love and help his fellow creatures in any manner that he can.

    While he has turned his back on his violent and evil ways, he is still not quite entirely tame, and has cracked the skull of many a deserving vagabond in his travels.

    For awhile, he settled himself temporarily on a northern tributary of the River Moss, and constructed a crude chapel and shelter for travelers.  The section of river he roamed being deep and rather rough, he frequently obliged travelers by carrying them over the swirling current to the opposite bank.

    He has since moved to Redwall, where at 35 seasons of age he serves as the cellarkeeper.  For his first several months, he spent a good deal of time under the tutelage of the previous cellarkeeper, who had become much too old to maintain stewardship of Redwall's vast store of drinks.  He still consults the old dormouse frequently with questions about blends, recipes, temperatures, and spices.

    In addition to his time in the cellars, he spends much time in the forests surrounding the abbey with his companions, as well as helping in the orchards and gardens on the abbey grounds.


    ~Immense physical strength.

    ~Extensive stamina

    ~Natural Hardiness (Fur) -His thick and heavy coat of fur protects him from the most brutal fall & winter weather.  Below zero temperatures, snow, sleet, and rain don't bother him a bit.

    ~Personable Nature- Jake, formerly as self serving of a creature as any beast could hope to find, is now quite good-natured and friendly.  While his huge appearance may be frightening to a given woodlander at first, his deep mellow voice naturally reassures those who might be terrified by the sight of him.  He never automatically assumes that any creature is at fault, and only dispenses knocks to those who richly deserve them.  (His good nature will sometimes clash with his quick temper)

    ~Naturalism- Jake is more than able to survive on his own in the wilds, and is familiar with a variety of plants and their beneficial uses.

    ~Like most wolverines, he is a decent swimmer.

    ~Life/Death Combat prowess.  Unless worked into a passion, this part of Jake is rarely seen, being a token of his past.  He can still put up a terrifyingly first class fight if he needs to, though.


    ~Brains- Jake was never over-blessed with brilliance.  He is by no means stupid, and has plenty of instinct and common sense.  However, he is not the friar to pick if a script needs to be copied down on bark parchment and illuminated, and he has great trouble remembering such information as family-trees and Season histories.

    ~Fur- Come summer and hot temperatures, Jake is miserable.  He bakes under the shaggy coat of fur which was such a friend to him during the winter.  (Which is why he chooses to stay fairly far north, and only ventures south during the colder seasons.)

    ~Temper- Or high spirits.  The abbot could never quite work this part of Jake's character out. Mostly gentle, he can become worked up by injustices and unfairness.

    ~Fondness for drink- Jake has a Tuckish love for all things malted, which wouldn't be a problem if he didn't have the temper that he does.

    ~Can't climb trees like a squirrel, run like a Long Patrol scout, or slice the water like a river otter.  While he can move quickly, he is not built for sustained speed.  He's tried keeping up with hares before, and it wore him out.  (Low speed, high drag, doncha know)  Were he to engage in combat, he would be vulnerable to polearms, and especially to ranged weapons.

  • Critique is welcome!  I'm aiming to make this my most well written, in depth, unusual, and well rounded character, so constructive criticism will be appreciated.  🙂

  • This, my friend, is a flawless profile. For aught that I can tell, there is nary an error to be found, whether it be character or grammatical. To be honest, I cannot levy any critic without fabricating a basis for it. I think that it’s never a bad thing to take creative liberties with such character traits and religion, region or race; therefor I find this idea of ‘The Way’ to be a breath of fresh air in a world nigh choked to death by the overwhelming numbers of purists about the fandom. Congratulations, and I cannot wait to see him in action! It would be quite the privilege to share an RP with him, and with you at the helm a character such as this cannot go wrong. 😄

  • Both you and Fallo far outdo my humble profiles. I have no right to judge your characters until I can write out my own in such a manner that even comes close to your level.

  • That is a very strong statement right there, Vik. I whole-heatedly disagree with you, your profiles are well crafted and by no means humble. I find them glorious. 🙂 A profile is not made by quantity of words, but rather it is quality that is the deciding factor. 😄

  • I agree with Fallo on that.  To your statement that your profiles are humble, I offer a hearty "POOH".  I have always considered your chars well written and interesting.  Keep up the good work!

  • I'm going to quote you on that Jake, at least the first six words. 😄

  • Really?  You're extremely self deprecating.  xDDD

  • Ha. Ha.

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