Zhao Ce, A Hare of Many Names

  • General Statistics
    Full Birth Name: Zhao Ce
    Alias(es): Thorvald Eriksson, Zilong the Resplendent
    Species: Annamite Striped Rabbit (Nesolagus timminsi)
    Age: 32 Years
    Sex: Male

    Marital Status: Single
    Known Family:

    • Brother (Deceased)

    Physical Statistics
    Height: 1.8 m
    Weight: 86.7 kg
    Eye Colour: Hazel
    Hair Colour: Black

    Zilong's fur starts as black with brown stripes, becoming red for his flanks, rear, and tail.  He wears brown boots that have obviously seen many miles, trousers of a forest green, and a tunic that's hunter green.  Over his clothing, he wears worn armour of an emerald green colour, trimmed in gold, consisting of a cuirass, spaulders, faulds, greaves, and vambraces.  He wears a traveling pack on his back, and rounds the entire ensemble off with a forest green cloak.  For his protection, Zilong still carries the wax wood spear that served him well in the wars of his home.

    Short History
    Born of two peasants in a land far, far east of Mossflower, Zilong was recruited into a volunteer army as soon as he was old enough to heft a spear.  Though initially unremarkable, Zilong was fortunate enough to survive long enough to find himself promoted to a sergeant.  By the time the second of several civil wars came about, Zilong was volunteering to serve again in the army.

    During the second civil war, Zilong further distinguished himself, and his commander saw fit to have him outfitted as an officer.  He would continue to serve dutifully and just until the pinnacle of the war, in which he had to depart service to see to his elder brother's funeral.  Though he would not personally take part in the victory, he was lauded by his commander for his service and his honour.

    During the third of the three major civil wars of his era, Zilong was named a general in the army of his commander.  Despite his valiant service, the numerical superiority of the enemy won out, and they were forced to retreat.  During the retreat, however, Zilong rode forth into the enemy ranks to try and rescue his leader's wife and son.  Unfortunately, he was unable to save either despite his skill, and his leader was slain while he was away.  Utterly broken by his failure, Zilong left his homelands.

    Zilong is a man dedicated to honour and justice, trying to do his best to live by his personal code in a world where such can be as much a hindrance as a boon.  However, he is still horrified by the mistakes he has made in the past.  He will occasionally fail to act due to trying to second guess himself or envision the results of acting, which only leads him to spiral further into regret and inaction.

    OOC Notes
    Mary-Sue Test Result: 10
    Also, I haven't thought up his family yet. If/when I do, I'll add it in (despite the fact it most likely won't come into play).
    I still need to flesh out some details between departing his homeland and arrival to Mossflower; it'll explain the Nordic name (and any others I decide to add).

  • I really like this one, his far-eastern inspiration is appealing. 🙂 Can't wait to see him in action, brilliantly written as always. ^^

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