General Statistics
Full Birth Name: Lord Bentley Corax, Nineth Earl of Jondd, MWR
Nickname(s): Lord Crow, The Black Knight
Age: 38 Years
Sex: Male
Element: Air

Marital Status: Married
Known Family:
–--> Lord Julian II Corax, Eighth Earl of Jondd (Father)
----> Lady Hannah Corax (Mother)
----> The Honourable Julian III Corax (Son)
----> Lady Mórrígan Corax (Daughter)

Physical Statistics
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 95.3 kg
Race: Anglo-Saxon
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Black

Lord Bentley is a tall, imposing gentlemen of obvious noble birth. He carries himself with an air of superiority that is only restrained in the presense of those of obviously greater influence, power, or rank.  His clothing, when not dictated by pomp and circumstance, tends towards functional with boots, trousers, surcoat, and tunic - all of a conservative colour.  He will add a cloak when the weather demands.

On the field of battle, Lord Bentley’s practical nature both shines and flies out the window.  Donning an exquisite set of Gothic plate, coloured entirely black and covered with a silver tabard, ‘Lord Crow’ stands out.  His winged great helm, an honour given to his family three generations hence, is painted entirely black to match his armour.  On his left arm rests his shield bearing the heraldry of his family.  In his right, he uses either a good lance or a hand-and-a-half sword, depending on what conditions warrant.  The opulence displayed by the armour, combined with Lord Bentley’s almost preternatural ability to read and respond to combat, have lead some to believe it has been ensorcelled.  The effects vary by who tells it, but all agree that The Black Knight is a fearsome foe on the battlefield.

Short History

Lord Bentley is a man who values loyalty to the state and directness in action.  He does not like to beat around the bush, and he does not like those he things are working to the detriment of the kingdom.  However, to that end, he can be somewhat short-sighted, ignoring moments where a little harm up front has a much larger pay-off in the end.  He also is more than aware of the need and use of subterfuge, even with his personal distaste of it.  When events necessitate, he will employ such methods.

Shield: Argent, a crow displayed Sable armed and wings trefoiled Or.
Motto: Quantum Sufficit Facit. - Do what is needed (lit. "Do as much as is enough").

OOC Notes
Very much a WIP done up at work to be completed later.