Stephano Bloodbane

  • Name: Stephano Bloodbane

    Nickname: Junior

    Sex: Male

    Age: 17

    Height: 6'0

    Species: Wolverine

    Description: Stephano Bloodbane is very kind and gentle. He is also has more air in his head than an empty flower pot. Though he dose things for the best of intentions, he often messes up. Blood Jr is very artistic and can create striking paintings, but not always. Some of his are plain silly.

    Appearance: Stephano was the smallest child Bloodbane Sr has had. For a wolverine, Blood Jr is small and light. He is also a bit lanky, in wolverine standards. He has very shiny dark brown fur and all across his body, which turns almost black in winter.

    Possessions: Being the son of an Overlord, Blood Jr has many lavishing items. He often wears florescent and brightly colored garbs, cloaks, and tunics. He also has hats, oh so many hats. He never carries a weapon. He relies on his bodyguards for protection when he ventures out of his fathers fortress.

    Strengths: He hasn't got many other than his artistic skills and unrestrained kindness toward any beast, good or bad.

    Weakness: He is very stupid, ignorant of a beasts bad side (unless it's extremely obvious), and isn't skilled with any kind of weapon what so ever.

    Background: Stephano was Bloodbane Sr's first child in marriage (meaning Blood Jr was the only offspring Blood Sr had while he was married.) He is also Blood Sr favorite. Bloodbane Sr kept Stephano well protected and gave him the best of every thing. The Overlord tried to educate him, but nothing seemed to get threw his head, and anything that did went in one ear and out the other. Except the arts.
    Stephano loved to paint. Because of this, Overlord Bloodbane has decided to give the air to his throne to another child of his. One who would insure the throne. Stephano lives in a large room in his fathers mountain fortress, happy and blissful.

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