Saja Shellrudder

  • Name: Saja Shellrudder, or just Saja.

    Species: Sea otter.

    Description: Saja has dark brown fur, and brown eyes. Her paws are scarred from when she used to be an oarslave. She wears black and brown, colours which match her fur.

    Possessions: Two double-pointed otter javelins, and a dagger concealed in her belt. She also has a tailring made out of shells, which she had since she was little. (Hence her name, 'Shellrudder'.)

    Strengths: Saja knows the fighting tricks of searats, and is good with boats. She also knows how to make weapons such as slings and javelins.

    Weaknesses: Has a hard time controlling her anger when she hears of or talks about searats. Also claustrophobic (afraid of closed spaces).

    Background: Saja was born in the Northlands, but searats invaded her holt, and took her prisoner, along with several other otters, and made her an oarslave. (Which explains her hatred of searats and her fear of closed spaces.) Six seasons later, Saja was the only otter left alive from her holt. One day she slipped her chains and jumped ship. She washed up near Salamandastron, and lived there ever since. Saja swore a vow to wreak vengeance on searats for what they did to her and her family.

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