• I plan to add to the character more even change him as time goes on till i get him just where i'd like him but for now:


    Species: Mouse

    Home: Traveler (no home, nomad)

    description: His fur is a yellow like the leaves of fall trees that vary in darkness all over his body, he has deep blue eyes that almost are a granite color, often carriers around a Backpack filled with vital and personal materials. he wears a tunic that over laps a longer almost mail dress but he only wears the mail during or before battle. When not in a danger he simply wears a dark robe under the tunic, upon his head is his bray.

    weapons: he carries a a short stabbing sword much like the roman gladius. for defense he wears a small buckler on other arm. he is quite skilled, and very strong for his size, but a larger creature can over power him. he often also carries a few javelins with him at all times.

    strengths: quick, intelligent, and knows the ways of the wild. he can travel large distances in days, was taught to wrestle helping him use leverage to make up for his small size.

    weaknesses: can't really use ranged weapons, is extremely honorable and would never murder a helpless one even if they were an enemy, never will "back stab" anyone. and will never back down form a challenge even if it may get him killed, they only exception is if he knows its a trap. and his armor is lacking at many times if not there at all and makes him susceptible by long range attacks and ambushes

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