Horde leader Ulath

  • Name: Lord U-Lat/Ulath

    Nickname: Ice blood (because he survived out in the frozen wastes for years)

    Species: Wolverine

    Description: 10 feet tall, grey blue eyes, deep brown and cream colored fur, several scars on the arms, legs, and chest. He wears chainmail leggings, a chainmail suit, and a plate chest piece and boots as well as a golden crown. His expression depends on his mood.

    Possessions: He carries a large war hammer that is spiked on one side. He has a sword in a sheath at his belt. He has a piece of jade shaped like a turtle on a gold chain on his thick neck. He also has a war helmet he wears in battle.

    Strengths: He is incredibly strong and a great tactician, and despite being a wolverine, he is fairly smart. He is a berserker, but he can keep his head if he needs to give orders and commands. He has lots of stamina and can take a lot of punishment. He put a lot of time into training his horde.

    Weaknesses: He is large and isn't agile, he doesn't like mind games (he likes getting to the subject as soon as possible), and can't negotiate well. He isn't accustomed to losing or the determination of the good beasts of Mossflower. He also hates all of the “Good beasts”. He says that they take all of the fertile land and food for themselves, then let his people (vermin) starve and freeze to death in the north. This is a weakness because he doesn’t take prisoners, giving the remaining woodlanders revenge as fuel.

    Background: He is the brother of the wolverine next in line for the throne, but he got lost in a blizzard one day and he didn’t return, he was declared dead. A few years after his brother had been banished he returned, very not dead. He went straight to the capital of the wolverines demanded his brother’s birthright as king. He said he would kill any who opposed him. Once he had proven himself in battle, his father gave him the birthright. Unfortunately for his father, he wanted to be king right now. The night he was given the birthright he had his father assassinated and the next day he was declared king of all the wolverines. His first royal act was to declare war on the lands to their south. He told his subjects of lands that weren’t covered in snow all the time, a land that was fit to burst with food. He told them that the beast there would either serve them or die easily. They began to create a massive fleet to move their armies to the south, across the ocean, so that they might take these lands for the wolverines. Today the fleet is nearly done and Ulath's army of wolverines and vermin are ready to conquer. He feels it is his job to take the southern lands so as to feed his people. He thinks that the woodlanders don’t care about his people, and are selfishly holding the good lands for themselves. He plans to wrest those lands from them.

    This is the beast I have made for the role of horde leader.

  • Now, I hate to make a suggestion like this after the work you put into Ulath, but I know for a fact that this is the second horde-leader-who-is-a-wolverine in a year, and for a unique position like Site Horde Leader, I personally think that it would be cool to have a totally unique character.  …Like a black wildcat, or a searat, or ______...

    We just have so many wolverines around here that I think that the species is starting to get overused.  (Lord knows I love the darn beasts to death though, and really enjoy playing my wolverine char...)

    Just a thought made in the friendliest possible spirit.

  • how about a cross species, would that work?

  • I dunno.

    I'd ask Kiara or Vik.  I'd personally recommend against it, because IMHO, cross species breeding in roleplay is kinda cheap.  BUT, that's just my personal opinion, and if the king or queen oks it, then I'm all for it.  🙂

  • I'm OK with it, as long as the two creatures who cross-breed, are in the same kinda family, like mouse/rat or weasel/stoat/ferret/polecat
    all in the same family, but different species.

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