Name: Merrigam Larchpaw
Nickname: Merri, Merrigam
Species: Squirrel
Description: Merrigam is a honey-coloured squirrel, and has brown eyes. She likes to wear a black shoulder-cloak and a black tunic.
Possessions: A longbow, and a quiver of arrows. She also wears a green stone round her neck. It doesn't mean anything, she just likes it.
Strengths: Passable with a bow and arrows. She will keep working on something until she masters it, or something happens to stop her.
Weaknesses: She limps on her right footpaw.
Background: Was supposed to be watching her baby brother one day, but he got stolen when she went away to find something. Her parents abandoned her because they thought she was no good, and she looked after herself. She broke her footpaw badly climbing a tree, hence the limp.