Yus indeedy!

Anybeast interested?  :3  I'm eager to do one.  I've never participated in any season feast before, b/c I'm usually in a lot of other RPs.  But not now.    Plus, I'm hungry.  haha

If any of y'all would be up for planning, dig up your ideas and post away!  🙂

I'm interested I haven't done any of the the ones before

I might give my two cents if we get this going.

Count me in! I have thus returned from my travels. My power shall reign true once more!!! Muahahaha!

Cool, hopefully a few more of our members will start coming back as school starts up again, and then we'll see what we can do.  If they don't, I suppose we'd have to settle for a small dinner party.  xD

In the meantime, any ideas as far as setting, or characters that we would want to see or use?  I'll likely be using either my otter or my mouse, neither of whose names I can remember at this point.

Inside?  Outside?

Both? xD I don't know, let's stick with inside Cavern Hole this time, at least as our starting point. I believe the last time we did something like this, it was winter and it started outside.

I could always use Kyrodo and Leonid, since they seem to be my default and Redwall regulars.

I'm in. Om nom nom 😉 I'll probably use my racoon character, Jen Ko.

Kyr- Sounds like a cozy location to me.    (And winter?  Outside?  Winter feasts in the outdoors are only good if you have a giant bonfire, lots of beer, and snowmobiles.  lol)

I'm thinking that a fall storm (with sleet possibly) would emphasize the contentment and security that comes after the harvest is in and all is prepared for winter.  🙂

I haven't been on in a long time but this sounds like fun and a good way to get back into things for me. ^_^

All right, we should figure out who wants to start this up. Please excuse  me when I say, not it! xD

Gotcha.  I'd be down to start it up.

I'll wait a couple days so that we can give a chance to a few of the current members who may still want to join but haven't indicated so yet.

Dose that matter much? Feasts are ment to be longer threads and starting a couple rounds in shouldn't hurt anything.

This is undoubtably and completely true.  I'll start it at my earliest convenience.  …Like, tomorrow.

I'll join. I will of course use Dusk since he is my main, although not used much, character.

little confused, whats this about? a rp about eating?

More like a abbey wide party celebrateing the season. Its not really about eating though so much as character interaction. Kick back and have a nice chat or get up to trouble as you like.

It's an obligatory traditional gathering RP, in the spirit of Redwall's traditions. 🙂 It is a good opportunity for character interaction.

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