June Idnia

  • Nickname: June

    Full Name: June Idnia

    Age: 34

    Species: Gray Fox

    Gender: Female

    Description: She wears a blue uniform, with a white dove logo on the chest area. Has a gold medal with a green ribbon on the left shoulder to represent her rank as a Asst. General. Also wears a yellow cape with a helm that extends down to the back of her neck. The helm has a chin guard to protect against falls, but doesn't cover the rest of June's face. Has blue eyes. She talks in a very formal, advanced way with lots of military terminology, almost as if she can't tell wartime from peacetime. Has a very mellow tone of voice.

    Possessions: A black, smooth bludgeon for self-defense. A military journal that describes the three wars she survived, as well as a personal reflection that shows her gradual decline in emotion as her mind is suffering from the effects of war.

    Strengths: Has years of expertise as a military adviser and even on the battlefield, alongside the general, back in her country. Direct and fearless, despite her psychological damage. Able-bodied and swift, as a result of training for recruits before entering the ranks. Has morals, values, and principles, including a personal duty to protect the innocent. Practical and efficient.

    Weaknesses: Her war-ravaged mind prevents her from doing and experiencing a lot of things a normal mind would. Has no personal friends, but is well-respected. If startled, she will attack whoever is behind her as a combat stress reaction, even though she doesn't know who it is. Shows some signs of post-traumatic stress, though it's more to do with protecting herself when she considers herself to be in danger than anything else. Emotionally restrained and shows no signs of happiness, only a solemn look.

    Background: She is an immigrant from a land outside the known boundaries of Mossflower. Neutral and emotionally restricted. Lived through three wars, surviving two battles which put her life in danger, which is why she is so unemotional. She was an accomplished tactician during the three wars, as well as a military adviser to the general. Very formal and straight to the point. Very healthy and able-bodied, being a militaristic vixen. She is a victim of the effects of war, losing her emotions as a result. Sometimes she doesn't really enjoy the little things in life, taking her duty as a military adviser too seriously. She has good intentions, but she seems somewhat bound to her war-battered mind.


    "Send in a scout to investigate the enemy encampment, and find the relic. Once you have the relic, proceed to the oak tree next to the river for pickup. Do not engage the enemy at this time."

    "A party of raiders is approaching the Abbey. Defend the Abbey, then search for the raider camps."

    "Take a scout force to investigate the disappearances. Once you have found the source, use reinforcements to clear and secure the zone."

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