Kilena the Assassin

  • Name: Kilena
    Nicknames: Lena

    Species: Pine Martin

    Age: 24

    Appearance: Kilena is a very beautiful pine martin with sparkling green eyes. She wears a tight fitting tunic and leggings and all her clothes and accessories are black. Her gloves have small black metal spikes protruding from the fingertips and knuckles and her boots have slightly larger ones protruding from the soles and top of the toe area, making it easier to climb walls and such and they also inflict sever damage when fighting. She has hidden pouches in her clothes which carry her poisons,antidotes and healing articles. In her boots she carries long black daggers, one renders you unconscious while the other kills instantly.

    Personality: Friendly, out-spoken, brilliant when it comes to stratagem and planning, even when in dangerous and tight situations. She'll do pretty much anything for money

    History: Kilena is the younger of two sisters. When Kilena was 18 seasons old, her sister, 23 years old, drove her out of the kingdom in jealousy, thinking that she wanted the throne. Little did she know, that Kilena had no interest in ruling but never said so. Kilena wandered for a while, growing strong and agile, when she met a fox. This fox took her and introduced her into a society of assassins. After passing a life or death test she ascended swiftly through the ranks till she was one of the most revered and respected assassins known. She was eventually offered the position of Silentdeath, the title given to the rulers of the assassins. Even though she had told herself that she would never rule again, she accepted. Her great prowess earned her an almost reverential respect from the assassins. One day however, the Avengers found their hiding place and righteously slaughtered all of the assassins. Except one. Kilena escaped when she saw the last assassin fall. She dropped the title Silentdeath and took the title, the Assassin; in being generic she hoped that none would recognize her. Since then, she wandered the Mossflower, offering her services to vermin and Juska.

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