Kataran the Avenger

  • Name: Kataran

    Species: Pine Marten

    Description: Tall, with black eyes. Has a strange, swirling tattoo on his shoulder, denoting him to other Avengers as an Avenger as well. Has a swift temper and is prone to prejudices, but once you are his friend, he is loyal to the death. Has an almost paternal love for his throwing knives.

    History: When Kataran was young, a group of otters took him in and trained him to be good animal and taught the ways of war. He immediately fell in love with throwing knives and was unteachable in any other art of war, besides boxing. Eventually, he wandered off, saying farewell to the fairly peaceful life he had known, in search of adventure. He met up with Vargon, who was on his way to join the Avengers, and Kataran went with him. Of four score beasts, only Vargon and Kataran were admitted. The Avengers is an elite group of fighters, only the best of the best are admitted. Since then, he has wandered around, avenging good beasts of their wrongs, or fighting battles.

    Weapons: Numerous throwing knives of different sizes and his fists.

    Strengths: He is an expert knife slinger but is pretty useless with any other weapon. He is excellent at climbing and tree jumping.

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