Rillgruf Torbane

  • Name: Rillgruf Torbane

    Species: Bilge Rat

    Gender: Male

    Age: 40

    Weapon of Choice: A light steel cutlass.

    Physical Appearance: (picture: )
    Rillgruf is an intimidating sight, standing at a moderate size for a rat, not overly tall, nor too short. He is slightly stocky, thickly layered in sinew, a definite warrior looking beast through and through. Piercing and odd-looking greenish-yellow eyes hide behind his stone grey fur, and his whiskers are a bit short for a rat, but it doesn’t seem to hinder him any. Within his left ear sits a brass ring, one of the few things he’s held onto from his old existence. Numerous scars trace his worn body, the most notable being a penetration wound in his left shoulder, a long slash across his chest, and numerous claw wounds scattered upon his biceps, back and neck.

    Clothing he often wears consist of a steel-studded leather vest which is stained a dark brown and burgundy in some places, below he wears toughened hide breeches of a light tan (worn and stained with blood in some places) color with plated steel strips across the thighs. Below he dons no wear upon his clawed hind paws though he does wear protective dark leather, hardened bracer-like devices upon the lower portion of his digitigrades legs. Like his lower legs, Rillgruf dons similar bracers upon his wrists and forearms but these are made completely of steel and band around his arms using three clasps. If the clasps are ever broken, the device must be repaired, or else it cannot be used. It is the armor’s only weak point.

    Upon his brow he sometimes wears a strip of burgundy cloth, it looks tattered and as though it has seen better times, but Rillgruf carries it with him everywhere; either upon his head in typical bandana fashion or tied to his brown leather belt which holds his cutlass’ scabbard securely.

    He carries a small pack full of supplies, usually a weeks worth of rations, a piece of flint stone and a small steel hunting dagger in a leather sheathe, a small bail of rope, a water flask, tattered sea charts, and a torn piece of cloth which depicts the symbol of a cutlass silhouetted against a full moon. The cloth is stained a deep burgundy and matches in look and feel the burgundy cloth Rillgruf at times will wear upon his brow. His cutlass sports numerous notches in its onyx hilt, but they look as though it was attempted to grind them away. The stone is extra smooth now but still sports the tell-tale signs of what used to be proud notches, merely slightly worn away with the attempt to cover them up.

    Rillgruf’s cutlass is a beautiful piece of work, crafted of folded steel, it is strong and durable and has lasted him many seasons. The hilt is crafted of smooth onyx stone and the entire device has a moderate length to it for battle. It is sturdy, tough, light in the paw, and a trusty weapon Rillgruf never lets out of his sight.

    Personality: Rillgruf is a frightening looking creature at first sight, looking to be straight off the deck of a corsair ship and looking for trouble. But his manner has changed much over the years, what once was the loyal captain of a powerful fleet under a terror of a commander, is now an uncaring mercenary driven to a haunting madness for his own actions. He is most often quiet, contemplative and detached in his own realm of thought. He wishes no harm upon others and hopes in return they wish no harm upon him, though his skill in battle is nothing to be laughed about. He is an accomplished warrior of many seasons and doesn’t hesitate when battle arises. He does all he can to survive and at times, will help others without thought or a word. If thanked, he merely walks away. His business is always elsewhere, no matter where he is, and those words are a constant upon his lips.

    Troubled by an event of many seasons ago, he wanders in search of purpose, and above all, forgiveness. His silent nature can sometimes show the hint of madness that hides in those strange harvest moon colored eyes, and it seems young beasts often understand him better than older ones. He gets along rather well with young beasts, and would never hurt a child, nor would he let anyone else hurt one either. He is protective of others, even those he does not know, and seems to abhor mindless violence. It seems his past caught up with him somewhere, and he has been trying to make amends ever since.

    Biography: Rillgruf once served on the deck of a corsair ship called Blueblade, a captain under his wolverine commander Bloodfang the Terrible. Bloodfang captained his flagship, Bloodhawk, and trusted Rillgruf with the Blueblade for his loyal service through countless seasons. The two sailed together under many moons as their corsair band, appropriately named the Moonblades for their cutlass insignia silhouetted by a full moon, and killed many in their travels. Bloodfang was known as the Terrible for his cruelty and insanity. He was a ruthless warrior and feared by all, including Rillgruf who served as his most loyal warrior.

    Many seasons passed and each notch in Rillgruf’s cutlass put a lead weight upon his soul; though he hadn’t noticed it yet, the weight was building to a dangerous level as the seasons dragged on, and each innocent victim left an imprint upon the rat’s mind. But time passes, and battles lose their specific flavor after so many have been fought, and soon, Rillgruf forgot what it was he was truly fighting for. He was a champion among his crew, feared (though not as much as Bloodfang), and respected as a wise captain, and skilled fighter. But as the days wore on, and Bloodfang’s madness became dangerously wild, there would come a night Rillgruf would never forget, one that would haunt him with nightmares for seasons to come.

    They had raided a sea otter holt near the Mossflower continent…the battle had gone perfectly, but Bloodfang sought the treasure of the holt, a silver pendant emblazoned with mother of pearl and black pearls of the deep oceans which only the otters could reach. He had his crew tear the otter’s home apart after slaying every male in the holt, the surviving mothers and children were rounded up and held prisoner on constant watch.

    The search proved fruitless and soon, a rampaging Bloodfang headed towards the prisoners to seek information. He roared at the frightened otters in a rage,
    “Where be the Moonpearl? Tell me where afore I slit every one of yore gullets!” The otters huddled in fear but a brave young male stepped forward to put himself between Bloodfang and his surviving family,
    “We hid it from ye, wolf-face! Somwheres ye’d never find it! Leave my family alone! We never ‘urt you!” Bloodfang offered a hearty blow to the youth who couldn’t have been any more than ten years in Human mentality. Bloodfang then smiled, and turned to Rillgruf as the boy rubbed his face and spat out a broken tooth.
    “Grab yer blades, Tor. And fetch the whips, you’ll make these seadogs talk, oh ye will. Won’t ye, me Torbane?”
    “Aye, sir.” Was the rat’s loyal response, turning to an associate ferret, ordering him to fetch the tools of his trade.

    The ferret returned with a whip, numerous knives, a thin wire, and another whip which sported blades, not just flayed tendrils of leather. The rat readied his items and strode toward the otter’s mother, holding a dagger to her throat menacingly. Bloodfang smiled, but shook his gigantic head,
    “Not the mother, Tor, the boy.” Rillgruf paused a moment, looking to the frightened boy swiftly, then turned back to Bloodfang,
    “Wouldn’t the mudder be a better bet, cap’n?” Bloodfang’s patience was wearing thin, he sneered,
    “Did I ask ye what the better bet’d be, fool? Grab the boy! If ‘e wants to act like a growed beast, then let ‘im!” Rillgruf swiftly strode to the boy and lifted him up, pinning him against a wooden post he tied his paws behind him and brandished a glinting dagger,
    “Where be the Moonpearl, boy? Don’t be a fool, tell us.” The otter sneered and snarled nastily,
    “Shutup! I won’t tell you anything! No good seamurderers!” The boy’s mother wailed in the background, but she was issued a sharp blow to be silent. Rillgruf looked to Bloodfang who gave the rat an impatient glare. Rillgruf turned back slowly…

    What Rillgruf did that night would be the vision to haunt his dreams for many nights to come. It might not have been so bad if it had been only that one boy, but no…Bloodfang’s madness and rage had been insatiable. Rillgruf was forced to torture and slay every mother and child that night until the skies cracked with dawn’s first light. Rillgruf had been drenched in his victim’s blood, pieces of flesh and fur stuck to him in numerous places, the mangled bodies of those he tortured surrounding him in a sight of grotesque reality. His paws quaked, and his eyes burned with every sight he witnessed, his ears rushing with the screams of the slain. He looked to the floor and spotted the severed head of a youth, her mouth madly agape in horror, blood oozing from her mouth and horrid wound. There had been no Moonpearl, one of the warriors had thrown it to the depths so Bloodfang and his band would never claim it… Rillgruf merely followed his commander back to the ships, and later that night, in the solitude of his captain’s quarters, he wept.

    Merely two weeks passed that Rillgruf faced his commander and told him he was leaving. That he’d served his seasons and years, and it was time for him to move on. He would take nothing but what was his, and leave the ship to Bloodfang as was his right. Bloodfang stared coolly for a moment, but then lashed out, beating the rat within an inch of his life,
    “You’ll not leave, rat! Once you serve Bloodfang, you are his! You will fight for me until your final breath leaves you, you have no freedom save the small amount I afford you, understood?!” Rillgruf was forced to nod or die.

    More seasons as a corsair and his dreams seemed to be wrought with pain and suffering. Soon, the rat wasn’t sleeping at all, his eyes red-rimmed with exhaustion and his body often quivering or trembling in uncertainty. His crew noticed his change but said nothing, knowing that a word against Rillgruf meant a word against Bloodfang, and nobeast had the courage to face that terror. Upon a long campaign which Bloodfang forged against a mountain fortress, battles had become difficult, and courage was wearing thin. But Bloodfang would not let hares defeat his proud corsair band, nay, he would conquer the mountain and live as king to the foolish bunnies!

    The war lasted a full season but ended with the Moonblades defeat. A midnight siege against the corsairs ships as they floated near the shoreline recuperating left the Blueblade and Bloodhawk wreathed in flames. Rillgruf remembered rushing to and fro on the deck of the giant battle barge and spotted Bloodfang trapped beneath a flaming mast. He clawed the deck but could not get away, he spotted Rillgruf and called for his aid. But Rillgruf stood away, his eyes reflecting the crimson flames of the fire; he then turned tail and fled, leaving a roaring Bloodfang behind in a rage.

    He was one of a handful to escape the flaming ships, and swiftly the remnants of the band fled to the nearby woodlands. Hares were hard on their trails and one by one, they fell. Skewered by javelins and arrows as they pounded through the underbrush desperate to survive. Rillgruf suffered a shoulder wound but managed to escape, watching as the hares fell upon his weak and dying comrades and ended their meager lives. He fled on, long and hard, narrowly escaping his own death.

    He staggered through Mossflower, bleeding from the shoulder he had an arrow protruding from, and drained of energy from lack of food and water. His unconscious body was found by a band of river otters who took him in and nursed him back to health. He drifted in and out of unconsciousness for three weeks, fevered and ill from his infected shoulder wound. The otters did all they could, and slowly, the rat recuperated. In his sleep he would mumble to himself, or weep furiously, crying out about young children and how there was so much blood… The otters did all they could, and finally, the rat awakened. Exhausted and unsure.

    The otters explained how they’d found him, that they nursed him back to health, and they brought to him his belongings. He was asked numerous questions about his origins, and he simply stated he was a wandering mercenary looking for work. The older of the otters knew the tale to be a lie, but figured they’d not push it. After his horrifying nightmares, perhaps later he would confess to them his true story…

    So Rillgruf spent a season with the otters, recovering from his illness and testing his old muscles carefully. The otters explained they had journeyed from across the seas to reach Mossflower, having heard tale of warm lands and lush rivers, to find their new home in the woodland. Rillgruf was obsessed with the young ones, watching them play, he would stare for hours in stony silence. Remembering things he wished he could forget, and often stalking away alone to weep.

    He never once mentioned his past as a corsair, and soon truly assumed the role of a wandering mercenary as his lie had been told. He spent time with the otters, thanked them for their kindness and offered an old silver dagger he’d procured from earlier innocent victims in return. He then bid his farewells and took his paws to the wild expanses of Mossflower, hoping that somewhere, he could find forgiveness for his sins.

    He traveled many seasons abroad, offering his services to woodlanders only, often having the task of slaying vermin who heckled peaceful forest dwellers. He didn’t mind, in fact, he began to become very passionate about his work. Seeing creatures being so cruel to innocent beasts…it just set a fire within him. That had been him, not too long ago. The torturer, the fiend, the creature whom was feared and hated. With a silent rage he killed every vermin as though seeing the mirror image of himself, trying desperately to slay the demons within his own soul.

    Whether he is winning or losing he does not know, but he travels in hopes he will one day be forgiven. Hoping one day, he may sleep, and his dreams will not be tainted by the horrid visions of his far-flung past.

    He travels even now, having found no comfort or rest…


    Rillgruf's Quote:

    Rillgruf's Theme Song: You're Not Alone - Final Fantasy XI - you can find it here: just scroll down the list 'til you get to 'You're Not Alone". 😉

  • lol, I'm a creative writer by trade, so I tend to want more detail and depth for my characters and role-plays. ^^

  • A very nice bio, lengthy too.  I understand what you mean about the detail… even before I discovered RP sites I'd like to write indepth character bio's just for fun. (yes I AM a nerd). So yeah, good job mate, and judging by the quality of your writing I'm sure I'd enjoy crossing blades with you at some point. XD have fun....

  • Thank ya' kindly, Wolfe. ^^

  • Sorry y'feel that way Tessa, but it helps deepen the story and character development in the long run. Detail adds charm and elegance, especially in a fantasy setting. 😉

    And yay!!! I have a pic for my charrie! 😄

  • cool

  • Thanks. ^^ Took me two hours lastnight, but man, lol, the time just flew while I was sketchin' 'im. 🙂

  • Yeah. I ain't the best artist, but I think I'm gettin' better at least. Usually, when I take my time, the pics turn out better. ^^

  • Thank ya'. ^^

  • I did look at the gallery of non related and see my pics

  • I like that you're brave enough to detail out your character in such a fashion. I usually reserve my highest quality of profiles/applications for the more major boards I frequent, while I simplify my apps for smaller boards like this one. It's not to say that I wouldn't put my best effort into this forum, it's just I noticed thats just the theme most boards like this follow. Haaa~ xD;

    Good job, though! ;>

  • Och, it is detail'd indeed! Ye di' a gaed job. 😉

  • Thanks. ^^

    I can't help but be detailed…sighs It's a curse. After writing for as many years as I have, I have a hard time not fleshing out as much as possible. lol XD

  • Don't worry about being detailed. It'll be useful. Eventually, although I have no clue what major you're going to take.

  • Whaddya' mean? lol

  • If you're going to college, I don't have a clue what major you'll take. 😉

  • lol ^^ I don't go to school. I don't have the patience. >< I got enough at high school and yet still I dropped out. lol, Been doin' alright, writing, working, dealing with RL stuff. lol, I'm hoping to have my fantasy novel done by this year's end if not sooner. That would be major awesomeness.

  • Novels are a good way to get a lot of money. I saw a guy who wrote one novel, and got $43 million each year! 😮

  • Geez! XD! I'm hoping mine takes off like that. 😉

  • I'm hoping mine does too. Except I'm not dropping out of High School. 😉

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