Dvindor the Wild

  • Full Name: Dvindor Swiftpaw

    Nicknames: Dvin, Swift

    Species: Black Squirrel

    Age: 18

    Description: Dvindor is a black-fured squirrel with startling azure blue eyes, which tend to sparkle when he is up to mischief. He laughs easily but when threatening, his cold laugh chills vermin hearts. He wears a kilt of pike pelt and a shirt of soft leather.

    Personality: Normally good-natured, he laughs very easily, though quietly, for fear of being heard. If you were to meet Dvindor, you would never know how hard he is. The mere mention of vermin, or vermin names, gives him a bit of bloodlust. In tight situations, he tends to mock and joke at the vermin's expense, generally worsening the situation. The sight of vermin send him into a rage and his friends usually have to knock him out to keep him from yelling or running to fight the vermin. He especially hates Weasels, as his parents were taken as slaves to a Weasel Juska Lord named Jataan Tusk, where, when they refused to work, they were tortured to death while he was forced to watch at the age of two.

    History: Dvindor was born into a warrior drey of squirrels who lived in the trees, killing all passing vermin. His parents had been caught in a raid one night and, as was said tortured to death by Jataan Tusk. At the age of five, He snuck into Jataan's tent and slit his throat, carving his initials into his chest. He fled in the night and was taken in by a slightly crippled otter who taught him three things, Fighting, No Mercy, and Ruthlessness. The otter died six days after Dvindor's seventeenth birthday. Since then, Dvindor has roamed the land, especially Mossflower, slaying and exterminating vermin wherever he went, with no pattern or care. In that time, he grew increasingly hard and unrelenting toward all vermin and killed them with such a wild way, he earned the title, Dvindor the Wild, for the crazed, wild look in his eyes when he is in battle. However, Dvindor would throw away his life if it would save other lives, especially those of his friends. When in battle, he has a bloodlust akin to the badger's bloodwrath, if not equal to it.
    He has seen Redwall Abbey and even observed it from a tree once but figured that they would never accept him through their gates. He has visited Salamandastron numerous times, but cannot stay there long, due to the strict authority wielded by the Badger Lord.

    Weapons: Dvindor carries a foot and a half long sword on his back, with a black blade, with a matching dirk at his side. He can use a bow if occasion calls for it, but is completely useless with the sling, as this was the only weapon that the otter wasn't able to teach him how to use.

    Strengths: He is an expert treewhiffler, and is able to fight in any position in a tree, even upside down, making him the bane of the Painted Ones. He can attack with nearly any weapon and come out on top, and is excellent at tying (and getting out of) knots. He has a good head for booby-traps and plans of attacks. He also has an almost limitless endurance level, and is exceptionally strong, agile and swift. He also loves children and loves to play with them.

    Weakness: He can't stand water. He doesn't care for authority of any kind. He is smart, but his strong bloodlust makes him rash and unpredictable. He is  also slightly vane of his good looks, despite his many scars.

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