Veror Deatheye

  • Name: Veror Swiftpaw Deatheye

    Species: Black Squirrel


    Description: Veror has one red eye and the other yellow. Both turn crimson when he is taken in bloodlust. He carries a sword and a dirk the same as his brother, Dvindor the Wild. He wears a kilt of leather. All of his clothing and weapons are deep black.

    History: After creating a distraction for his slightly older brother, Dvindor, to be able to kill Jataan Jusk, he ran off into the night and was taken in by a hare who took him to Salamandastron. A badger Lord there took him under his wing and taught him how to fight with every weapon imaginable. Eventually, Veror got restless and left the mountain, roaming the lands and killing vermin, earning him scars along the way, some of which are flog wounds from being whipped. He hates these scars and wears a high neck tunic to hide them. His eyes earned him the name Deatheye and he went by the name Veror Deatheye ever since. His arch enemy is a mysterious fox named Lord Kariska who did something horrible in his past that Veror refuses to talk about. Veror's main goal in life is to destroy Kariska and his horde of vermin. He and his brother's meet up occasionally but for the most part aren't able to keep together due to their bloodlust and stubborness. They love each other but are kept away mostly because of their battles and quests.

    Strengths: Veror is an expert treewhiffler like his brother, but not to the extent of fighting upside down like Dvindor can. He's excellent at throwing knives and especially his dirk.

    Weaknesses: Veror cannot keep from saying things impulsively which gets him into trouble constantly. And he'll say and do anything to kill a vermin.

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