Vargon the Avenger

  • Name: Vargon Swiftpaw the Avenger

    Species: Black Squirrel


    Description: Vargon probably has the least scars of his brothers Dvindor and Veror, both of whom are older than him. He has bright emerald eyes, which of course, turn crimson when taken in the bloodlust, a trait of his family. He carries a spiked steel mace and a long dagger. He wears tight leather leggings and a tunic, both black, as well as his weapons. His bloodlust is the strongest of all his brothers, but his mace keeps his enemies at bay, which accounts for his less scars.

    History: Vargon was not able to run away like his brothers, each of which thought the he was with the other brother. He was kept for another year, until shrews overran the Juska and kept him safe, training him in the ways of weapons. He left the shrews at age 15 where he met up with an Avenger, a group of beasts that formed to avenge the wrongs of good beasts and keep families safe. After passing the initiation test, which he passed with flying colors, he swiftly ascended into the top ranks among the Avengers. He roams the land, taking up quests and avenging families. His best friend, besides his brothers, is a fellow Avenger, a pine martin named, Kataran, who joined about the same time he did and was the only other recruit to pass the test for his group. Vargon has been to Redwall a few times, and visits Salamandastron every time he gets a chance.

    Strengths: He is exceptionally strong, only a badger is able to pick up his mace besides himself. He has a good aim with a bow. He is okay with a sword.

    Weaknesses: He cannot use a sling or a javelin.

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