Savas Azazel

  • Nicknames: Savas, Sav, Azel

    Full Name: Savas Azazel

    Species: Polecat

    Gender: Male

    Age: late-20s to early 30s

    Appearance: Savas is a bit small for one of his species and is built none too heavily. His fur is one solid light tan color. He has identical features to his twin sister, Eve, only masculine. If the two were to been seen together it would not take anybeast a second glance to tell they were related.

    Possessions: Savas carries a well made straight sword that he took from his dead father. It is of a far finer make than vermin could produce, and probably was once the badger forged blade of a long patrol hare. Savas also keeps quite a few daggers in a belt over his shoulder. Almost all of them have sheaths with a deadly poison inside them.

    Personality: Savas is a savage and heartless beast who enjoys seeing pain and destruction. He was not always as he is now, but the years under his father have hardened him. He views most beasts, including his twin sister, as tools to be used and abused. He dislikes being crossed and loves to put those beasts back in their place. He is cold, calculating, and deadly smart. He keeps calm, and keeps a level head, which gives him a huge advantage against other vermin. He can play a role very well, and portray emotions that he does not feel.

    This isn't to say he is nothing but a monster. Some days, he regrets who he is. He wishes he had never become the heartless killer he is. He just wishes he could live at peace, and love Eve like she deserves. But he has convinced himself that can never be, he has made himself a monster in his own mind, incapable of loving, unworthy of love himself.

    -  A fast and deadly combatant with the sword and daggers.
    -  A speedy runner and sprinter.
    -  Master of strategic thinking and using anything to his advantage. Keeps all kinds of things handy, kind of the MacGyver of Redwall.

    -    Unskilled with larger weapons like pole arms and two-pawed axes.
    -    Mostly inept at climbing trees and like objects.


    Savas’s mother had given birth to twins, him and Eve. As their mother raised them, both twins lived a rather normal childhood. But as soon as they began to grow to an age of reason, their father came back for them.

    After the fight in which Savas’s mother was killed, his father took him away to where he was the warlord of a horde. Eve, having run and hid, was able to escape this fate. Savas was raised by his father in the brutal and relentless environment of the horde.

    Savas had not seen Eve for many years. He would no doubt have forgotten his twin sister if it was not for the bond they shared. Whenever Savas could manage in the quiet moment in the horde’s camp, he could feel what his sister was feeling (works vice-versa so he can feel her feelings) and on rare occasions when they are feeling the same, there was a connection between them that they could never explain. But, as time moved on and Savas became the dark hearted and cold beast his father wished him to be, his connection with his sister weakened. Savas became a greatly destructive and darkly intelligent beast. The blood of the innocent and those who protected them darkened his blade.

    It was after a very dry summer, many, many years since everyone had long forgotten him and even his name, and many longer still that Eve had last seen him that their lives would intertwine once again. Savas’s father set on finding Eve, for he had seen the destruction one of the twins could do, if they joined forces, they’d be unstoppable. Savas too realized this, and was set on capturing her as well. After a fight with the whole village, both twins have witnessed their father dieing. The distraction was long enough for Eve to escape her brother, for now that their father had died, he was to be in charge of the hoard, but without her, his power of destruction would only be half of what it could be.

  • awesome, Vike !!

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  • Seeing as Vik is gone, I need someone to take on this character.
    Or you can make you're own character to go with my character….

    anyone interested?

  • Alright, I can take it. Happy to chat and plan out any plots you have in mind. ^^

  • Awesome! Thank you Gerns  big hugz

    Firstly, are you ok with the character as written, or did you have anything in mind that you might want to modify, even slightly? I don't mind.  🙂

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