Gray Whitestripe

  • (for Two of a Kind)

    Name: Gray Whitestripe

    Species: Badger

    Appearance: Large heavy build. Mainly black fur except for a patch of white fur starting from the top of his head to the end of his tail. Brown eyes. Sharp claws and fangs. Wears a black tunic with a leather belt carrying a sheathed camping knife. Carries around a two-handed spiked mace with a black steel head. His few belongings and survival essentials are carried on his back.

    Details: Naturally high strength and endurance akin to his species.
    Also possesses the blood wrath in times of rage.

    Not incredibly agile or fast due to his size. His size also makes him intimidating.

    He is a mercenary who sells for the highest bidder, and carries out his commands without remorse or any hesitation from moral jurisdiction.
    He views life with simplicity. He never questions. Coin and the thrill of battle are his main motivators. He also loves to travel.

    Can be sociable when he wishes to be, but tends to keep to himself unless somebody gets in his way. He can make associates, but rarely does he make friends.

    When brute force may prove difficult, he is resourceful enough to come up with other methods to complete his tasks.

    He can take the place of five well-armed beasts. His intimidating size also makes him a useful guard.
    Most know him as either a traveling passerby or a powerful mercenary. Those looking to hire him value his strength, intimidation, and his lack of jurisdiction.

    Background: Has met Osgod on one occasion when he was ganged upon by a wild group of bandits in a dangerous part of Mossflower. After easily taking them down, they settled at a bar for a bit before parting ways. (WIP. Can't think of much for his upbringing and such)

    Hope this okay with Marsh. It's not much but it works xD

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