Delexi Reene

  • Nickname: Delex/Reeny

    Full Name: Delexi Reene

    Age: 19

    Species: Stoat (good)

    Gender: Male

    Description: Being a foreigner, he doesn't quite understand how Mossflower and its inhabitants work. He has reddish-brown fur and Royal Blue eyes. He wears a forest green hoodless cloak that covers three sides of his body. He also wears a blue head cloth that covers all but the front of his face. The cloth is held by a metal band. He wears a pale green shirt. All of his clothes are made of smooth fabric. Somewhat serious by nature. Has a neutral outlook on life.

    Possessions: A pair of smallish, black metal poles that he uses as a weapon. A small box of sticks that work like matches.

    Strengths: Ambidextrous. Clever and can remember a lot of facts. Quick reflexes and knowledge of his unique weapons to back them up. It takes a lot to scare him.

    Weaknesses: Slightly underweight, so not terribly strong. Sometimes pedantic. Isn't very social. When rushed, he can easily mess up something or do something without thinking. Being a foreigner, he may have difficulty understanding some Redwallish accents; molespeak being his biggest problem.

    Background: When he first heard about Mossflower and later, Redwall Abbey, he decided to make the long journey over there. He wanted to see what kind of inhabitants there were. He likes to explore and being as adventurous as he is, he thought Mossflower would be the perfect place to start. Before he left his home, he said that he will return one day and tell his parents about his experiences.

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