Two of a Kind (Kiara, Marsh)

  • It wasn't on one of the most pleasent of evenings, and it wasn't one of the most pleasent of taverns. Still Eve Azazel went in.

    The tavern itself was a little warn down, not the kind you'd see residents of the Abbey or even Mossflower in. Which seemed to suit Eve just fine, for the Polecat just wouldn't fit in with a crowd like that. But just the same, she didn't really fit in with the occupants that did go to this particular tavern, just along the outskirts of the Mossflower woods, for she was a polecat of a gentle nature. She had seen first had the effects of violence and what the thought of power can do to oneself.

    Upon entering the tavern, she had paid for a nights sleep in the upper level of the tavern where there were rooms for weary travelers. She kept her head down as she made her way to her room to check on it and to freshen up. She didn't make any eye contact for two reasons: she was petite and it wouldn't take much to overpower her, and the second reason and probably the most important was that she didn't want anyone to recognise her from her twin brother. Grant it, she was female, but she still carried his features, just softend and toned for that of a female.

    Once she finished up in her room, she went back down to the main floor for a nice meal and drink. Getting to the bottom of the steps, she looked around and smiled, finding a nice small table by the corner, away from most of the others, and made her way over to that table, only she wasn't the only one who wanted that table…

    ( ooc - I figured they have a few things in common. They don't really fit in with the good-willed because of what they are, but don't fit in with the ill-willed, for different reasons. They are both kinda like loners, so would want the small table in the corner.
    Let me know how this works for you, I can change it if not. )

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  • OOC: Short, I know, but I should be here more often sometime after the 4th of August, and as such will be able to formulate longer posts.  🙂

    BIC:  The wolverine shook the rain out of his eyes and ducked through the all-too-tiny door into the tavern.  Blinking through the woodsmoke which came from the open fire pit in the center of the main room, he took in the few creatures who sat in the remote pub and snorted disinterestedly.  He wasn't interested in company; only a hot meal and a hot drink.

    Catching sight of a table set up in a far corner, he nodded to himself and started making his way across the small room.  As he approached the table, he caught sight of the small female polecat who had just entered the room from the staircase and was making her way hastily towards the same piece of furniture.  Hellgates   Arriving at the table at the same time as the polecat, the giant mustelid snorted through his nostrils again and stared down at the female, making no attempt to hide his annoyance.    "You looking for something, miss?"

  • Eve stopped dead in her tracks, just inches away from running into the big wolverine. She blinked up at him as he asked her a question, then shook her head. "Nope…" She replied happily. "...I've found what I was looking for." She added as she sat down in one of the two chairs that were at the table.
    "You're welcome to join me for a meal, if you like." She said tilting her head to look at him.
    Just by the way he acted and the way he spoke to her, she could tell he wasn't pleased about something, though what exactly she didn't know. Hoping instead that he'd just shrug her off and go find another table elsewhere.

  • "Nope… I've found what I was looking for."  You're welcome to join me for a meal, if you like."

    Osgod clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes in irritation, and then grinned despite himself and shook his head at the cheerful little female.

    "I had planned on breaking my fast alone, but company isn't always a bad thing, methinks.  Perhaps I will join you in a meal, polecat."

    Seating himself on the floor, the wolverine beckoned carelessly for the landlord and leaned his back comfortably against the wall, so that the old table was at his left side.

    "What wild quest brings a dainty creature like you to these rude and untamed lands?"

  • Eve gave way to an inward sigh as the wolverine accepted in invitation to join her for a meal, although she didn't let it be known to him. She gave a bright smile as she watched him sit down.

    "My name is Eve…" She said in responce to him calling her polecat "…What's your name?" She asked then tilted her head at his own question.
    She giggled a little. "I've been in worse places then this, trust me..." She said biting her lip a little "...I--umm...I'm running away" She answered with a slight nod. "What about you? What brings you here?" She asked as the landlord came over to them to take their order.

    She smiled up at the landlord and ordered a hot soup with some home made bread on the side, she then looked over at Osgod, waiting for him to order so they could continue to talk.

  • The wolverine nodded sagely at  the polecat.  "You can't find many places better to run away too than these Northern forests.  Barely a chance of being discovered by anyone who you might be evading…"

    He met Eve's gaze, his eyes suddenly no longer friendly.  "...But if you get found by the wrong beast…  ...There's really not much you can do to help yourself.  I'd take care, if I were you..."  Osgod glanced up at the beams which supported the ceiling and ran a razor sharp claw along his muzzle.

    "...As for me, I'm a roamer.  I go back and forth on the land, and walk too and fro over it.  I have no home, and desire none.  I do what I wish, and nobeast dare stop me.  This is the first time I've ever come to this inn; only for a meal and something hot to drink before I head out again for the night...  I never could stand a roof over my head."

    The big mustelid ordered a cauldron of thick stew and a tankard or mulled barley beer and tossed a worn silver coin to the landlord, a skinny old fox.

    "Sometimes I get tired of roots and tubers and scrawny woodfowl for food..."

  • Eve nodded to Osgod. "I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the heads up." She said in responce to his warning about some beasts that could be around. Really, though, the only beast she was worried about would have been her brother.

    "It seems we have a few things on common. I too have no home, though if I did I'd only be found and it destroyed. But staying under the roof of an inn is safer at night then under the stars. Only way in is the door, unless you're daring enough to try the window." She said with a small forced smile. "…So if you are not staying here for the night, where will you go to sleep? Under a good tree?" She asked tilting her head a little as the fox landlord left their table to get their orders.
    "Have you had any trouble with any beasts in your travels around here?"

  • Osgod glanced out the smoke-tarnished window, as if he was expecting someone.

    "I usually find a stone overhang or a great old oak; something that will afford me shelter from the elements without trapping me inside four walls…  Ahh, here's our victuals."

    The wolverine took a large mouthful of stew and chewed; savoring the texture of the fresh woodland vegetables and the strong flavor of the herbs which the inn's cook had added to the food.

    "Have you had any trouble with any beasts in your travels around here?"

    Nodding his head, the giant mustelid swallowed and replied to Eve.  "I've had my fair share, miss…  Creatures in these parts are not generally friendly.  Even the good ones are always trying to rob you just so that they can make their own survival easier.  …The bad ones will kill you the first chance they get."

    He scowled fearsomely.  "…I pity the old females and the young ones.  Their helplessness seldom saves them.  If you aren't more savage than the other beastt, it's hard to survive here."

    Osgod drew his curved fighting knife from the scabbard at the small of his back and tapped its lethal tip on the table-top.

    "The act of drawing a blade on another creature here should never be a defensive act...  You have to be the stronger creature in order to thrive.  I hope that you are armed, Eve?"

  • Eve smiled at Osgod’s answer, then gave the old fox a smile as he left them to their food. “Thank you.” She said as he left them.

    She took her soup and leaded over the bowl and took a big waft of the aroma. “If this tastes only half as good as it smells, it will be one good bowl of soup.” She said taking a spoon, dipping it in the soup. She lightly blew on the spoon then popped it in her mouth. “Mmm” She said as the warm food traveled down her throat.
    She started to swirl the bowl of soup as she listened to the wolverine. From what he had said, she was glad that she was staying inside, where it would be a little safer, especially for her.

    She was about to swallow another spoonful of her soup when he has drew his knife, so instead of swallowing it, she gasped, causing her to breath in the soup and making her cough a bit.
    Once she got over the shock of his knife and after coughing, she blinked at him as she tried to study his face and predict what he planned on doing.
    She slowly nodded at his question. “I am. But unless you plan on attacking me here, where everyone can see, you will never know of the secrets of my own defence.” She said in a bluff. In all truth, all she had was a few throwing knives and blow darts, the secret being that they are laced with a sleeping potion. She never had to really use them. 
    She then smiled “You better put that away and finish your meal, before it gets all cold…” She said, carefully watching him. As of now, he had made no move to harm her, so she doubted he was actually going to.

  • Osgod laughed dryly as he continued eating.

    "I hold no attention of accosting you, polecat; you need not worry about that…  There's not much to be had from you that would benefit me.  However, other beasts may see you as a tempting prize.  All I say is that you had better find friends to travel with, or else be well-able to take care of yourself."

    After some time, the wolverine finished his stew and swallowed the last of his barley beer.  Rising slowly to his paws, he sheathed his knife and glanced down at Eve.

    "...Well miss, methinks 'tis time for me to leave this place. I dare say, it wasn't half bad.  Perhaps I'll return eventually.  However, right now the Northern Coasts are calling me; with luck I'll be able to pursue my fortune unbothered there for a time."

    Padding slowly over to the bar, he produced a few more coins from his waist pouch and placed them in front of the landlord, before making his way to the door.  As he turned the handle, he glanced over his shoulder at the polecat one last time.

    "I thank you for the good service, fox....  Eve, I wish you good luck on whatever paths you choose follow in these parts.  You are a kind creature; and I hope that no harm befalls you as you run away from whatever sort of life you had before now."

  • Eve sighed a little in relief, as Osgod has stated he means no harm to her. She relaxed a bit as they continued to eat the rest of their meal, though she was keeping an eye on him. With her brother being who he was, she wasn’t about to trust just any beast, especially one who still had a knife on the table while they ate.

    The female polecat looked up, watching the much bigger and stronger male wolverine get up from his seat. She smiled at him as he sheathed his knife. She felt better knowing that it was away in its proper place.
    She nodded at him. “Good luck where ever you end up.” She said watching him leave.
    By the time he had gotten to the door, she had gotten up, cleaned up the table a little, and was about to retire to the room she had paid for, when he had spoken to her just before leaving.

    She nodded and smiled at him. “It was a pleasure to have some company for a change.” She said back to him before also walking from the table that both has sat at and returned up-stairs to her room to rest her body and sleep.

    ~ ~ ~

    When Eve awoke the next morning, the sun hadn’t even came up yet and it was still rather dark out. This was the best time to travel, she figured. Any beast who wakes up early would normally wait until sunrise, and any night guards or anyone that could betray her to her brother would have fallen asleep during the night.

    Sneaking into the kitchen, she had gotten herself something to eat on the go, then silently left the inn to continue her travels.
    The grass and plants were wet with dew, so she stayed along the beaten down path, least for now.
    Upon her travels she had noticed a second path, this one as if a fresh new path - or an old grown in one - and decided to take that path. Whether it be new or old, it wasn’t traveled on much, which meant fewer beast to see or bump into.

    She had wondered how far Osgod had gotten before turning in for the night. Being how big he was, and how fast he could travel, she had thought that he was miles away further up north.
    However that wasn’t the case and with each step, brought her closer to her new acquaintance.

  • Osgod nodded a final farewell to the polecat, and ducked out into the night.  The rain, previously heavy, had subsided into a steady drizzle.  Glancing around, the wolverine cast off towards the coast, following a barely discernible paw-path.  After about a half of an hour on his paws, he had come to the edge of the jagged cliffs that flanked the sea.  Deciding to stop and rest for the night, he cast into heavier forest and lay down under an old oak tree about 30 meters from the trail which he had been following.

    Pulling the hood of his cloak over his head, he exhaled slowly through his nostrils and listened to the sound of the drizzle dripping from the leaves of the trees and onto the ground around him.

    Always having been a light sleeper, the big wolverine was quickly jerked into wakefulness by the sound of some other creature traveling through the woods early the next morning.  Raising his body to a crouched kneel, he flexed his claws, shook the stiffness of sleep from his body, and peered keenly through the dusk.  _Nothing, still too dark out._ 
    Feeling that it had been too long since he had let his more savage nature out, Osgod padded as silently could towards the path, hoping that the creature whom he was stalking was a highway robber or some sort of vagabond.    _If it is…_ 
    The creature on the path was not a highway robber.  As he drew near to it, he noted with some disappointment that the creature's outline was distinctly female.  Feeling that he could not with a clear conscience assault a female creature, regardless of her moral bent, he stepped onto the path behind the creature and coughed gently.

  • By the time Osgod had gotten close enough to see her - or at least her outline - Eve was quietly mumbling to herself, only odd words such as ‘brother’ and ‘sorry’ could be head escaping her lips.
    Along with his own stealth and her mind being pre-occupied, it wasn’t hard for him to get close to her at all.

    She stopped, hearing his cough. Hiding one hand in her sleeve, her paw grasped around the handle of one of her laced throwing knives. “Who’s there?” She asked as she slowly turned around to face the figure who had coughed.
    And there he was, just a rather big shadowy figure in the limited light that was around them. She took a deep breath and stood her ground, asking again. “Who are you?”

  • Osgod frowned in surprise and lowered his big paws as the female creature spoke.

    "Eve?  How did you come to be here?  I thought that you had stayed back at the Two Crows for the night…"

    The wolverine took a knee and looked at the polecat quizzically.

    "You must truly be in fear of somebeast if you are risking your life by traveling in the far north of Mossflower at night...  Just what is it that you are fleeing from, miss?"

  • Eve sighed to herself in relief, putting the knife back into its sheath inside her sleeve.

    She smiled and walked closer to the shadowed figure, now knowing it was Osgod. “I was staying there. I just left a little earlier then expected.” She answered, watching him.
    She nodded at his last question, not really knowing how to answer his question. “…Just someone from my past. Someone I was close with long ago, but had to sever ties with.” She said. “I can’t really explain it, least not right now.”

    She tilted her head at him. “…What are you doing up and around so early?” She asked. “I’m sorry if I woke you. I had no idea where you were.” She said with a sight giggle.

  • Osgod rose to his paws, shaking his head doubtfully at the polecat's cryptic reply.

    "I see… If you want, we could travel together for awhile.  Worry not, I wouldn't be much trouble to you.  Indeed, you might eventually find that I'm a useful beast to have at your side."

    The wolverine grinned, showing his lethal teeth.

    "...Just how many creatures are pursuing you?  It has been long since I've scrapped with a mob of vagabonds…"

  • Eve smiled a little. Maybe traveling with Osgod wasn't all that bad. If anything, her brother would be looking for her alone, not with anyone else. She nodded at the idea. "Sounds good to me, that is if you don't mind me tagging along, of course?" She said tilting her head at his grin. She was thankful that he was friendly enough, she doubted that she would last long in a fight with him.

    "Umm…Just one...Plus any other beast that he has hired." The polecat answered him, with a sigh. "...And truth be told, I have no idea how many are under his employ." She added, looking away from Osgod for a moment.

    She knew if she ever did get caught, her brother wouldn't be very happy with her. She was worried what would happen to Osgod if they got caught, but it was safer for them both to travel together.
    "...So shall we go back to where you were sleeping and get a few more hours, or would you like to keep on going as we're already awake?"

  • "It bothers me not if you tag along with me."

    "Umm…Just one...Plus any other beast that he has hired.  And truth be told, I have no idea how many are under his employ."

    Osgod frowned, slightly disappointed.

    "Only one?  With a few hired-beasts?  I would have that that it would have been more than that…"

    "…So shall we go back to where you were sleeping and get a few more hours, or would you like to keep on going as we're already awake?"

    He glanced at the horizon, visible through the trees, and then back at his spartan campsite.

    "I've slept more than enough this night…  Methinks we'll head to the coast from here.  I know of some calm tidepools there where the mollusks are plentiful.  We can collect enough shellfish there to last us for several days..."

    The giant glanced right and left, and thoughtfully ran his claws through the shaggy fur on the back of his neck.

    "After that, I dunno... Perhaps we should head south into Mossflower.  Is your pursuer any sort of tracker?  Because I am no master of stealth, I warn you...  Wherever we go, we will leave a trail."

    Gesturing at his hefty paws, the wolverine snorted dryly.

    "As you can see, little miss, I'm no squirrel or hare..."

  • Eve smiled. It was nice to travel with some company for a little while.
    Though it bothered her not telling Osgod that there could possibly be more beasts with her brother…a lot more. After their father died, her brother had taken over and she had no idea if most stayed with him or not.
    From what she last seen of her brother, there was a good few dozen beasts still with him, but she wasn’t able to pin-point the number since then.
    And seeing as she didn’t want to get Osgod worked up, she decided to go with ’a few hired beasts’

    She nodded at his suggestion. “Sounds like a plan to me.” She said then thought for a moment, then shook her head. “Not that I’m aware of, he can’t.” She answered with a slight laugh.
    “It’s OK. You don’t have to be a master of stealth; we just have to be a little careful.”

  • (( Gray Whitestripe ))


    Gray Whitestripe tirelessly hiked the road north of Mossflower in the dark phases of the morning, seeking refuge. He could hear his stomach growling at him like a vicious beast. He regretted eating the last of his rations the evening before. Rations that were meant to last a full week ended up consumed in but a few days.

    He was recently hired by an ill-mannered wealthy polecat who lead a small horde. He along with several other mercenaries was ordered to search for anyone resembling his twin sister, and bring her back alive in exchange for a fairly attractive bit of coin. Not being the best of trackers, he decided to try his luck north of Mossflower.

    He took happy note of a building silhouette further along the road. As he drew closer, he recognized it to be an inn of sorts. His first thought of course was food, but he also realized the inn could possess useful information on his current mark.

    He entered the building, and managed to catch a drowsy fox, who appeared to be the inn's landlord, as he was heading down the steps. The fox stopped at the end of the steps, all signs of drowsiness leaving him as he examined the large creature and his mace from a distance. "A traveler? And a 'particularly' large one at that. Don't you think it's a bit early for business?"

    "Well what can I say? I'm famished!" Gray responded with a light laugh.

    "Shh!" the landlord shushed him angrily. "All right, all right. Keep your voice down please! There are beasts sleeping. Just take a seat and I'll hand you a menu," he whispered as he headed over to the bar counter. "You will have to be patient. Our cooks are still asleep, but I'll be happy to fix something up for you."

    Gray nodded and seated himself at the bar counter as the landlord handed him a menu. He set his mace down and glanced over it, scratching his muzzle thoughtfully. "Lemon 'n butter troat, with a side of shrew bread."

    The landlord picked up a quill and parchment. "Simple enough. Will there be anything to drink for you, sir?"

    "October ale."

    "As you wish." The fox placed the menu back on the stack and poured him a glass. He was about to head out to the kitchen.

    "Wait. I need some information."

    The fox stopped and returned to him. "Ah, information eh? Sure I hear of various things around these parts. What kind of information exactly?"

    "I'm searching for a particular female polecat named Eve…" Gray briefly explained her supposed appearance.

    The fox grimaced upon realizing who he may be referring to. His tone was hesitant. "Hm... well, I think I may have seen someone like that..."

    Gray frowned at him. "Are you sure? Which way did she go?"

    The landlord's eyes shifted to the badger's mace. "You're a mercenary, aren't you? It is not my intent to put my clients in danger. It's bad for business, you know."

    The badger picked up a coin bag and set a large handful on the counter. "Then perhaps some coin will help loosen your muzzle?"

    The fox smiled greedily as he gazed over the gold coins. "Ah, this polecat must be quite important to you. Very well. I saw a polecat with a similar description speaking with a large wolverine. The wolverine's presence is what made them stand out to me. He left, but the one you seek is currently staying at this very inn."

    A wolverine? Could it be…?
    "She is? Which room was it?"

    "Oh? Err, I believe it was room: […]" Gray stood up and grabbed his mace as he headed for the stairs. The landlord collected the coins as quickly as he could before rushing after him. "W-wait! There are people sleeping, you idiot! Don't make me call the guards!" He grabbed at him and tried to pull him back, but to no avail.

    Gray thumped his way up the steps and headed over to Eve's room. The door was already half-opened. He pushed it away and peeked inside to see no one there. The landlord was still pulling at him angrily. "She's not here…" he growled in disappointment.

    "Well it makes sense, doesn't it? She was here just last night. She must have known people were after her, and left early on. She can't have gone far. Now get back down this instant, or I will have you arrested! I'll make you some food, so quietly, please!"

    A weasel approached them from down the hall. "Sir? What's with the badger..."

    "One of the cooks!" The fox took out Gray's order and handed it to her. "My apologies for bothering you this early. Please take care of this for me while I guide this badger down the stairs."


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