Ortanon Bernard Eltanis

  • Name: Ortanon Bernard Eltanis

    Nickname: Lord Ortanon, or Lord

    Height: 6'5"

    Species: Wolf

    Age: 23

    Appearance: Muscular build.  White fur (gains hint of gray when wet). Jet black eyes. Wears a red vest made of rayon viscose with gold buttons, black cotton pants with a draw string, a collared white cotton shirt, black leather boots and gloves, and a black leather belt with a gold buckle. The belt is equipped with a black leather sheath, which is home to a steel long sword with a ruby-embedded golden hilt.

    His forehead is enscribed with a black three-pronged symbol of the House of Eltanis.

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    Details: Born into the extensive Eltanis noble family at a mansion in the wolf kingdom of Belheim, which is located far north of the River Moss along the coastline. Eltanis along with a number of other noble families often supply the knights of the kingdom. He also had a brother a year younger than him named Jace.

    As they were growing up, they were privately tutored about a variety of subjects and fighting disciplines. The siblings often sparred or practiced archery together in their free time. As they neared their coming of age, their immediate parents fell victim to a mysterious plague that afflicted the kingdom. Shortly after their death, a visible concentration of a strange substance was found in the kingdom waters. Filters were set up to cleanse the drinking water, and suspicions arose that their rival kingdom, Aethris, had secretly poisoned the kingdom waters and started the plague.

    Tensions rose, and the two kingdoms were quickly falling to war. Feeling the need for vengeance on the account of their parents, the two siblings enlisted to become soldiers. Their numbers having been reduced due to the plague, their applications were immediately accepted. They first endured harsh physical training at a vermin boot camp, during which war was declared with Aethris.

    When they were thrown into the front lines, they were disillusioned to the absurdities of battle, watching their friends and fellow Eltanis die, and facing each day as if it were their last. They were outnumbered, but while the bulk of the enemy's forces were elsewhere, his battalion managed to flank the Aethris capital and storm the palace. The war was won, but not before a stray arrow ended his brother's life. His battalion was honored, as the heroes who won the war. The honor held little meaning for Ortanon.

    Life back at the Eltanis manor was bittersweet at best, having lost his immediate kin. There were talks of his inheritance as head of the house in the event his grandfather passed away. He could feel the jealous eyes of the other Eltanis members, and he wanted none of it. Without a word, he escaped the manor to live a solitary life away from the kingdom.

    He is a wolf without ambition or a direction life. He's self-centered, stoic, bitter, and brutally honest. He views everything from a strictly logical perspective, except for anything concerning his past life. He is not incredibly charismatic, nor does he like to see the big picture, and would much rather fight on the front lines than take command of a troop. In his free-time, he tends to space out, looking back on past experiences. He is incredibly strong, and adept with various styles of combat. He has several spares of leather gloves stashed away, due to the use of half-swording techniques. He refuses to use metal gloves, as they are less convenient away from battle. He is also a very good aim with the bow, should one be handed to him. Being a former noble, he dislikes getting himself dirty, and maintains hygiene whenever possible.

    I may change this a bit later depending on the RP. Planning on putting him in Transitions.

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    It looks like you're off to a good start! Zarya is looking forward to making new friends yay! xD

    Hey, at least they have something in common. They both detest poor hygiene. Ha!

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